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Have we talked about [pumpkin (pie) flavors] yet?


this is great i have everything except the pumpkins so very easy ty again


Thanx for sharing that BB!


i always forget about HS Italian cream ive gotta start remembering that one


Just remember that my V2 Cannoli is impossible without HN Italian Cream.:smiley:


ive gotta be honest ive used it a couple times and in alisa creamstone , but ive never really figured it out , i also havent used it much , my understanding is low or it will take over , but i do need to look at a few recipes and reread notes


I use it at 1% in my V2 recipe but it works well at that because of the other flavors on the other hand in different recipes .5% has been too much Italian Cream because it is strong although it works great if used properly.


Your welcome @TorturedZen, if you ever need anything, just message me.


How much NF Pumpkin did you use? It is really strong at even 1%.


I did a 0.5% single flavor.


Try .25% because it is really a strong concentrate, like Rich Cinnamon FLV strength.


@VapeyMama how are the pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice flv working out for you?

Those 2 are my favorite pumpkin flavors right now. I told her that if she didn’t like them I would buy them from her and pay shipping. I had forgotten to get back with her on that :wink:


Still playing with them, but they’re nice!


Glad I didn’t recommend something you didn’t like. I wouldnt mind buying them just not trying to lead someone in the wrong direction :grin: we all taste things differently for sure.