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Have we talked about [pumpkin (pie) flavors] yet?


Pumpkin Pie

ok so ive been looking for some threads dedicated to this type of flavor , what are you using ?? is it going to take two or three flavors to create this flavor ??? im hoping to find a couple flavors or one that will create the taste of a pumpkin pie filling to then add other flavors to create pumpkin pie cheesecake , pumpkin pie shake etc so let hear what flavor you think are best for this … Flavors only not recipes please

Help with winter type recipes

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for or not


I know ya didn’t ask for a recipe but this is what my step daughter likes:

Pumpkin Pie 1
3.00% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW)
3.00% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
2.00% Butterscotch Ripple (FW)
2.00% Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)
2.00% Pumpkin Spice (TPA)
1.00% Hazelnut (FW)
1.00% Sweetener (TPA)


yes basically, just looking for a good list of pumpkin flavors that people have used to create the pumpkin pie taste ty


so the pumpkin pie spice works well to give that pumpkin pie taste ? i have pumpkin pie RFSC and it would take too much to make that work imo but p
maybe the RFSC and this might work together


WOW, ease up on the spice, hehe. My recent fav vape for fall season :slight_smile:
Pumpkin Pie

Ingredient %
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 4.00
Pie Crust (TPA) 3.00
Pumpkin (TPA) 4.00
Pumpkin Spice (TPA) 0.20
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) 3.00

Flavor total: 14.2%

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ty so im assuming

pumpkin @ 4
pumpkin spice @ .2

would give this the base for a pumpkin pie filling, so then a person could add their other flaves to create say a pumpkin pie shake ??? does that make sense


would sound good to me


Damn, reading this thread made me hungry for pie! Looks like I’ll be adding some pumpkin flavors to my upcoming order.


ya i. hoping to as well , but i dont want to have to buy 10 flaves to experiment with , hopefully i can get it down to three or so :slight_smile:


Maybe @Beaufort_Batches has some pumpkin advice as he is the pumpkin master. Do not get OOO Pumpkin as its weak AF with nearly zero flavor



Hmm master of the pumpkin you are. @Beaufort_Batches


So you are wanting a plain pumpkin without the spice part right? So you can add your own spice blend yes? Soon, everything in the stores will have something named pumpkin spice. Even pop tarts have a pumpkin spice flavor.


I saw that you wanted flavors only so I deleted the recipe.

The two best Pumpkin Pie flavors IMO with descriptions are

Hangsen Pumpkin Pie- A full and lightly spiced pumpkin puree with light eggy cream notes but little crust.

Nature Flavors Pumpkin Pie- A full and heavily spiced (raw) pumpkin puree with heavy eggy cream notes with whipped cream and light crust.

Both are a bit difficult to mix with but when you get them right, oh man do they make a great pumpkin pie.


So far, the pumpkins I have tried so far have been, meh. Mostly spice rather than pumpkin. I am on the search for the perfect one myself. Have NF pumpkin steeping (smells mostly like spice; too much spice) and just got in OoO pumpkin pie; it smells very promising. I have heard Hangsen is good as well but I can’t find it at NR or BCF.


no im looking for both parts to make the pumpkin pie taste , i assumed it would take a couple flaves to create the complete pumpkin pie taste , im wanting to add my own creams though


do you use them together ? and recipes are fine id love to see them , i am mostly interested in the base to create the pumpkin pie flavor so i can make a cheesecake , shake etc with a pumkin pie flavor I love pumpkin pie shakes and a certain pumpkin cheesecake made localky , however im not the biggest fan of a plain pumpkin pie lol weird right ?


Here it is at BCV,


I do mix both together and I do think that the Hangsen alone would be better for a shake or a cheesecake. The NF is really good in coffee.


One of my favorite Pumpkin Pie e-liquid recipes,