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Having taste trouble


Oh. I thought I had saved that as a recipe


That’s the first thing that came to mind. If you mixed and left the Nicotine out does it still have a peppery taste? If it’s a no, then it’s your nicotine. Perhaps a bad batch, a lower quality, or something just went wrong with it. I have an issue myself right now. I has a batch that something went wrong. The supplier checked the batch number and theirs is fine but mind is oxiding bad. I have 2 bottles of 500ml of 100mg in VG and my first batch has a peppery taste to it. Going to see if the 2nd bottle is the same. Going to let them know in a little bit in an email. This is what the first bottle looks like. I’ve had the bottles for almost 2 months. This is 100mg in VG in a 60ml bottle.


Ok. I tried a little bit on some of the single flavor blue raspberry, ave the nic is water clear, and no real taste change at all. I’m thinking maybe lowering the levels of some of the stronger flavors in the next (smaller) batch. If I get comfortable with making flavors that I like, I will invest in scales to mix by weight.

Thank you everyone. You’ve all been great!


Amazon has scales for about ten dollars that are perfect for mixing.


I never tried the by drop method… but when mixing large volumes I usually measure by syringes. Thou admittedly I have started messing with measuring by weight…

This is the scale I bought and also it seems like a lot of members also use this scale

Personally I’m still not sold on mix by weight , probably because I’m used to mixing by syringe… and as they say

It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks… but I’m giving it an honest effort .
I still measure nic by syringe

Measuring by milliliters. Is easy enough to reproduce previous mixes as long as you know your tools

Syringes - you can accurately measure out ingredients
Beakers - measuring in these are approximate measurements not completely accurate
Cylinders- are more accurate than beakers since they are not approximate measurements

Sad part is there’s a lot to clean up when your done or want to mix a new mix…

Measuring by weight - easy to reproduce previous mixes done by weight

A lot less mess and you can mix the product directly in the bottle your going to use…

Now which ever way you choose . Is up to you… both ways have their pros and cons…

Edit: I also mix my large batches with zero nic and add the nic when i want to make a 30ml bottle…

Edit #2 : if your used to measuring by drops . I would probably recommend measuring by weight since your already used to measuring by drops…


this flavor is one that gives many people a pepper taste , i would never be able to use this recipe just because of the TPA vanilla custard and for me there is no getting around the pepper taste ZERO ways and i tried them all , also VBIC by tpa these two flaves cannot be used by people who get that pepper note , even LB VIC puts off a pepper note for me at above 3.75 pcts so i keep it 3.5pct and lower try leaving out the TPA Vanilla custard on a small test batch and see if the pepper taste is gone , or just Single Flavor test the TPA VC and you will most likely find that it is the culprit


ya the vanilla swirl is fine for me as well , but the TPA VC and VBIC put off the pepper note and never goes away :frowning:


You may have, I just tossed it up so I could see it better.


I syringe my NIC as well. Once I started MBW I never looked back.

Exactly !!



I love two types of tastes lemon and pine. The last one is very refreshing. And the one I hate is deasel.



I pulled some out of the bottle that I had mixed and had the issue with and left my son taste it. He comes back with
"Dad! That’s really good! I’ll take it off your hands!"
I didn’t really believe him, but dripped some on a freshly wicked rda, and WOW!
Appears as if a good five week steep did this all it needed! I’m now officially sold on DIY!

Thanks again for everyone’s help!


hey john how are you storing the nic? you should also put nic in glass bottle with a good seal then in the freezer. i should too hah


Hey Sorry for the delayed response, work has been crazy busy. I actually just purchased a mini 2 door refrigerator just for my e-liquid. The freezer size is great! For $199.99 I figured that wasn’t bad.

Right now I have my new nicotine (PG based) in the frig for now. I just got my new amber bottles in. Once I transfer them into smaller batches, then they are going into the freezer. I also have my base VG & PG in the frig also, at frig temp the VG isn’t bad to work with plus should last longer.


@Computerjohn You’re doing ALL the right things. :slight_smile: