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HCigar VT75c


Sorry I didn’t get back to you straight away guys.
Totally agree with you and @bluenose63, you shouldn’t have to input all the thermals, resistance etc. with a brand new device straight out the box. Yes we can do it but for what it takes you’d think they would set one up and just input the data via programming and that be part of the assembly process. Lazy imo.
It is a nice looking device though, probably have to get one when i can. :yum:
Grim seems pleased with his anyway, said there was a bit of gapping on the battery door but apart from that he’s pleased.
Nice bit of kit either way. :ok_hand:


Obviously I’m not an HCigar salesperson but I do enjoy the mod. Per aesthetics, I like most mods, each for what they are. I don’t make many fashion statements with mods, lol. Where I make my judgement is which one do I pick up and use the most. Between the fit in my hand and the vape I get in TC, this one is even winning out over the SX Mini G class. It has been my grab and go device for about a week now. The real review would be about a year down the road after the newness wears off and durability can be factored in. Time will tell.


I like my Hcigar mods and they have and still do serve me well, i have the vt133 and the vt75 and both are in my rotation.
I use my dna mods for tc, mostly, and all the other mods i use for wattage.
I do like the aesthetics of the paranormal and the frame is stainless, it has better access to the battries than the Therion and with the interchangeable panels you can customise.
But, definitely, time is the factor in these things, although i will say, lost vape have some great well built devices and are seeming to last.


That’s real good to hear. I have a VT75 and VT75C. I was hoping they would last awhile.