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Heads up... Potential credit card theft alert


Just been reading up on another recent bunch of folks with compromised cards on Reddit.

[quote]Card number stolen from Wizard Labs

As the title says, my card number was stolen after making a purchase from Wizard Labs. Last time this happened I had made the purchase on a card I use frequently, so I couldn’t prove where it had been compromised. This time however the purchase was made with a card that I had not used in over a year. Sure enough a week later I get a fraudulent charge.

Anyone else have their card stolen when purchasing from Wizard Labs recently?

Be careful out there folks!


Keep an eye out, even if you order from other sites. There are claims of other sites (when the poster has not bought from wizardlabs) having the same issue occur to their customers.
As if we don’t have enough to worry about with government regulations, now we’ve apparently become targets for credit card fraud.


That was quite a bit of people responding that it happened to them as well.


The biggest thing you can do is make sure you are actually on the correct website, a lot of fraudulent websites will use the same name with perhaps one letter off ie: wizardslabs.us. This along with making sure that lock sign appears in your browser next to the refresh button will help ensure that you are not victim to these rouses. Believe it or not, if you go to a website you usually use, you can be directed to a clone website via link or mistyping.

Be careful, everyone.


I also had my credit card used for fraudulent transactions, following a purchase from wizzardlabs…


I had 2 card numbers stolen. I wasn’t sure where it happened until now. Thank you for sharing this information!


Thanks for posting this! I had a cart in Wizard Labs. It’s always a terror to read things like this. Same thing happened on MyFreedomSmokes a few weeks ago. I received an email from MyFreedomSmokes notifying me that my card information was compromised.

Just for safety purposes I contacted them and had them delete all my account information and notified my bank. I made multiple purchases during the month from different vendors with my card so I was worried. Most banks, if you notify them of the possible breach in security will set an active alert / notes on your account just in case you have to file a claim for a fraudulent charge(s). Paypal and these new “Burner Cards” are definitely safer alternatives.


The three words you need to know when online shopping… " prepaid credit card" your personal credit card should be for emergency use only! in my not-so-humble opinion :wink:


I definitely agree to that.


Is paypal am option with that vendor? I use them exclusively but never saw a pp button…


I’m gonna have to check my account now lol :rage:


It probably wasn’t them. If you aren’t buttoned down and fire walled on your device… it could have been some bozo in your neighborhood that got on your wireless router.


Most major credit card’s (banks) have virtual account numbers available expressly for online purchases. These one time use numbers can be assigned a dollar limit by you. I would advise everyone that has access, to utilize for all internet/phone purchases. For an even additional layer of security you can use the one-time virtual account on PayPal, which just makes it more invisible to the potential thieves out there.


mine was stolen as well:rage::rage:


Was Wizard Labs your only recent purchase?


yup i got hit with about $300 worth of not me spending my money after shopping at wizard labs


You all have to remember too that a lot of times, stolen numbers aren’t even used for weeks to months after taken. So it’s not necessarily the latest purchase.


Some of these cards had not been used in years which is a pretty big indicator, although nothing is certain. I am looking at this site, after the fact, they could have implemented changes, but as it stands they do have an element of long string code that could be used for malicious injection. I agree there are too many variables to say for sure, but a lot of people are having this happen.


I’ve followed this here, and on reddit closely. It COULD be possible for bad or injected code ON the vendor’s website to be the culprit as well as unscrupulous employees/webmasters, but I’m wondering if there is any way WE could elicit and track which credit card processors are being used.


Oh shit…