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Heads up... Potential credit card theft alert


mine was nike, levis, and lacoste about $100 at each place. and WL was my only purchase. and without them taking responsibility i don’t think i will be able to use them anymore.


Thank you for that info!!

I am never going to order from them again!

Not taking responsibility is just pitiful! At this point their reputation is so bad, they would be better off if they did take responsibility, and assure that it is fixed with a guarantee! And do something for the people who did have their information stolen! Like, a free package of flavors or something. Or they aren’t going to recover from it.


i agree the way it is now is like them saying “come on back get your info stolen again. we still won’t care the next time.”


They’ve taken responsibility now. They’re emailing customers within the breach time frame. I posted in the hub about it


I got the email. they never said they had a breach. They said that IF there was a breach it was with in a given time frame. They also said that they still haven’t found the problem or how the info was stolen. they did however offered a credit shield service. but to me that felt like they were blaming me for my info being stolen.