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[Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear--(Ended)


#1 10-10-2017
Love the look of these box mods. :smile:
Also, i am super excited to potentially get a device with a more comprehensive chipset.


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#2 10-10-2017
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#1 10/10/17
Always wanted to try a dna powered mod, and this 1’s georgeous.


Oct 10 #1

The original Boreas is one of the best tanks I have had the privilege to own, this Boreas v2 looks to be even better.

Thanks for the tags @KrisKing84 @Josephine_van_Rijn


Post #1
Date: 10/10/2017


• I wanted to get this for my husband ever since it came out, and was going to try around Black Friday when there’s deals. I love this mod as well, it’s sleek and seems to have a pretty good following. I tend to look for products that will hold up a long time, longevity vs. hype. If I was picking for myself, it would be the Drag as well. You can’t help wanting it. Plus, it rhymes with PooPoo, so there’s that.


Oct 10 #2

Love my RDTA Box, just wish it was smaller :wink:


#2 10/10/17
I like the size, I have never owned a DNA device, I have a friend who owns one and he throughly enjoys it.


Vaping using two RDAs simultaneously? Yes, please.


Oct. 10 1.


I’ve never squonked, and would like to. The Fuchai kits looks JUST what I need to get into it. Very clean looking, with good display.

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Oct. 10 2.


Having had GREAT luck with Smoant, I’m very interested in the GAIA box mod.

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10.17.2017 #1
https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Think-Vape-Finder-167W-DNA250-TC-MOD.html In black or silver, as I’m a HUGE fan of DNA-powered devices and would love to have a bit more power than what my VT75 offers. Thanks for the opportunity, and here’s to 10 more successful years!

Also, Let’s tag a few that I haven’t seen post yet(If you already have, or don’t wish to be tagged, my apologies!!) @Mew @Cutlass92 @Molly_Mcghee @RobQ @Jenny1978 @Silverlock


10.17.2017 #2
https://www.heavengifts.com/product/DEJAVU-RDTA.html in either finish, as I’ve been wanting one of these since @Steampug’s excellent review of this beauty! Thanks!!



The resin edition of this one:

I love the features and style plus it definitely looks like a workhorse mod.


10/10 #1

The DNA250 chip is a big plus.



Just because I like the indestructible idea of it but cannot justify buying it right now.


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Oct. 10
Post 1


Because I’d like to see if they are all I hear they are.
I’d hope to get a blue/black one.


#1 - 10/10/2017
Any DNA250 or DNA200 mod : I finally got some Stainless steel wire and making SS coils, but all my mods can not do temp control ! very frustrating !

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#2 - 10/10/2017
Any DNA250 or DNA200 mod : I finally got some Stainless steel wire and making SS coils, but all my mods can not do temp control ! very frustrating !

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