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[Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear--(Ended)


Within 10 years, Heaven Gifts have grown up from a small business consists of dozens of employees to a mature enterprise today. We have witnessed the birth of “vaping culture” from our customers. We have gained the friendship and trust of growing customers and original brand manufacturers. Moreover, we have helped a plenty of pure vape hobbiests realize their dreams of running a vape shop.

For this big moment, we sincerely invite you to participate in our 10th anniversary contest. Here, you will not only enjoy the joy of the biggest online vape feast we bring to you, but also chances to get your wanted vape gear for free.

To enter:

Find your wanted e-cigarette device on Heaven Gifts and paste its link here and tell us why you want it

1.Our contest lasts 20 days, from Oct 10, 2017 to Oct 30, 2017
2.The Prizes are the ones you selected at heavengifts.com (If the prize is in pre-order or out of stock, we will select an alternative one)
3.Due to such long-term contest, we divide the whole giveaway into a few rounds:
a. 1st round, we require at least 60 entries
b. 2nd round, we require at least 70 entries
c. 3rd round, we require at least 80 entries
The rest can be done in the same manner
4.Due to that every new round requires 10 more entries, we might add an extra prize to encourage more participation according to the contest situation
5.Every round you have 2 times to enter and please number your entry, for instance Round 1 #1
6.We encourage you to invite your forum friends/members to come and for those who actively joined our giveaway but ended without winning any prize, we will consider to select a few lucky one to send them vape gear

--------------------More excitement-Flash Sale-------------------

Other than the huge giveaway, we also have a Flash Sale at Heavengifts.com which lasts 20 days. Each day we refresh the sale list, and the lowest retail price you could find online ever. More details please find here: https://www.heavengifts.com/

Current Giveaways Links

Oct 10 #1
SKU: 5068976851430003
I want it as a backup to the one I own, great mod.
Thanks for the giveaway!


#1 10/10/17
I like the size, I have never owned a DNA device, I have a friend who owns one and he throughly enjoys it.


I want the Boreas v2 cuz I like the Boreas and a v2 would be awesome I think.


#1 10/10/2017
I have always wanted a DNA device, I heard they are the best. I have never tried one but I am sure I would love it


#2 10/10/2017
This looks like it would be an outstanding product also. I would love to have it.


10/10/2017 #1
After hearing such good things from @Steampugs I would looove to try this tank!


I still use it daily its awesome 🖒


#1 10/10/2017
It look like a good replacement of my corrent iStick Pico


#2 10/10/2017
I don’t have RDTA and i like to have one!
Tnx @VapeyMama


10/10/2017 Post #1


I have always wanted the Limited Edition Bronze Reuleaux DNA250. It is just a really beautiful device and the DNA250 is an awesome chip.


Oct 10 #1
SKU: 8433297010140002

I absolutely love DNA mods, but currently “only” have a single battery DNA75, so this upgrade would be just what I’m looking for.


10/10/2017 Post #2


The Think Vape Finder 167 is very elegant looking device and the DNA250 is an awesome chip.


Oct 10 #2
SKU: 8433297020140001

Alternatively I also wouldn’t mind the 3 battery version :wink:


Oct 10

I would love to win this one, it looks like it would fit my hand just perfectly and has the 510 in the middle

@Lolly @Dan_the_Man (looks like your luck is changing :grinning:) @SessionDrummer @crispx @TheTinMan1 @robin @Laura5 @Jenny1978 @BoDarc @KrisKing84


I love this one. The colors and the size would be perfect for me.
@louiesquared @MisterSinner @Lelli @soundtribe @VapeyMama


Oct 10

This one I would love to win because I could never afford to buy one

@Sprkslfly @picachu @Jazzy_girl @Underanne @RobQ @Leilani @TorturedZen @fidalgo_vapes @jhmiller @Cutlass92


@woftam @Bad_Influence @Molly_Mcghee @MysticRose @DaveDave @Daven @paingawd @Brandolf @MixedUp2 @d_fabes



Oct. 10, 2017


The rainbow to go with my mod.


Oct. 10, 2017


More affordable squonk mod. And I like ijoy.

@GalacticResidue @Silhouette @Sprkslfly @Leilani @Mew @Josephine_van_Rijn @Steampugs @SessionDrummer @Laberythm @Molly_Mcghee @Laberythm