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[Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear--(Ended)


Round #5
Oct 18 #1

The original Boreas is one of the best tanks I have had the privilege to own, this Boreas v2 looks to be even better.

Congratulations @Josephine_van_Rijn and massive thank you to @Heaven_Gifts
It is a great mod, been enjoying mine alot


Round #5
Oct 18 #2

Love my RDTA Box, just wish it was smaller :wink:


October 18, 2017
Round 5 #1
I would love to try out this dna product, I have never tried one before and I have heard they are awesome. https://www.heavengifts.com/product/Think-Vape-Finder-250W-DNA250-MOD.html


October 18, 2017
Round 5 #2
This DNA product looks pretty awesome, I would love to try it out.


10/18/2017 Round #5 Post #1


I have always wanted the Limited Edition Bronze Reuleaux DNA250. It is just a really beautiful device and the DNA250 is an awesome chip.


10/18/2017 Round #5 Post #2


The Think Vape Finder 167 is very elegant looking device and the DNA250 is an awesome chip.


Round 5 #1 18-Okt
Upgrading my current single battery DNA75 is something that I really really would love.


Round 5 #2 18-Okt.
And the Voopoo Drag is a mod that I have been eyeballing for some time.


Round 5 #1 Oct. 18th

I want this mod so badly! It is absolutely beautiful in the purple and yellow! I have been wanting a resin mod and I have heard great things about this one!!!

To all who have tagged me for the contests, thank you all so much! It is nice to know I haven’t been totally forgotten! I have just been so super busy with school that I haven’t had time to even look at the forum for at least a month or so!


Round 5 #2 Oct. 18th

Another beautiful, yet powerful, mod! I would love to have the black mod with the turquoise or the purple jade resin version of this! Simply gorgeous!

I am kicking myself so hard right now for missing out on the first rounds of this giveaway! Thank you so much @Heaven_Gifts for such a wonderful opportunity!


The magic word is “Laxatives” :zipper_mouth_face:

Round 5 - #1 - 10/18/2017
Still want to try Temp Control with a real DNA device !

Tag everyone that hasn’t posted or tagged yet (let me know if you want me to stop tagging you)
@Johnvapestomuch, @Jooshwa, @Josephine_van_Rijn, @juice_junkie_lover, @Junglist_Juice, @Ken_O_Where, @kwsmithdc, @leadpipe58, @Leilani, @Lostmarbles
We only need 11 more people to post 2 entries each.


Round 5 - #2 - 10/18/2017
If I can’t have the nice mod, I’d like a magnetic stirrer to help me with my DIY mixing !

Tag everyone that hasn’t posted or tagged yet (let me know if you want me to stop tagging you)
@fidalgo_vapes, @filledb, @Flavologist, @FMAM, @Fozzy71, @GalacticResidue, @Geb1, @GPC2012, @ImNachogrl, @JamsGrumpyGills
We only need 11 more people to post 2 entries each.


Round 5
Post 1 10/18/17
https://www.heavengifts.com/product/SMOK-T-Priv-TC-Kit-with-TFV8-Big-Baby.html1 (Rasta Green)
Beautiful and I love that tank


Round 5
Post 2 10/18/17
This package looks very comfortable to the hand. Would love to own one.


Round 5 #1

Need some vgod in my life !

Gefeliciteerd @Josephine_van_Rijn !!! :tada::grinning:


Round 5#2

I just need to give this a try !

Tagging !!
@Hobag @VapeyMama @SmilingOgre @KrisKing84 @paingawd @woftam @Cutlass92 @CallMeTut


Congrats on your number coming up!!
For the WIN! =)


Round 5, post 1


Because I’d like to see if they are all I hear they are.

I’d hope to get a blue/black one.


Round 5 - post 2

It’d be interesting to try a magnetic stirrer.


Since I can’t get to the website at work, I just stole this link from above.