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[Heaven Gifts 10th Anniversary] Win Your Wanted Vape Gear--(Ended)


Round 6 entry 1


I have heard so much about squonking and it’s becoming so popular these days. I want a squonk mod and rda. All the companies are coming out with there own squonk mod and rdas have become a con if you don’t include a bf squonk pin. This one from geek vape looks nice. This could be my first squonk kit. Ty @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway. Happy anniversary!

October 26


Round 6 entry 2


Smok is killing the vape game right now… coming out with awesome products that seems like on a weekly basis. This pro color is one of the best looking mods on the market. Love the form factor and the lights. Also comes with a great tank that is reliable… prolly one of the best selling tanks of all time… i don’t have any smok products in my arsenal. This would be a awesome kit to start with. Ty @Heaven_Gifts for the contest. Y’all are awesome and congrats on the anniversary!

October 26th


Round 6 entry 1.

Still a beauty i would love to hold hands with.

Congrats @Silhouette, i hope you enjoy stealing my win from under my nose, but i let it slip this time.


Congratulations @Silhouette, you’re on a roll :smile:

Oct 26 Round 6 #1

I still only want this



Round 6 entry 2.

Another beauty that would be hard to resist.


Congratulations @Silhouette!! Lucky girl!! What’s this week’s lotto numbers??

Round 6
Post 1

I need more bronze in my life!!! :heart_eyes:


Round 6
Post 2


DNA is what I’ve heard is the best for TC. I’m not even picky about the color! :wink:


October 27, 2017
Round 6 #1
I would love to try this mod out, I have never had a dna device and I have always heard they are some of the best out there.


October 27, 2017
Round 6 #2
The look of this dna would look even better if it was attached to my tank and in my hand. I would love to try this one out!


Congrats @Silhouette!!
Round 6
Oct 26
This would be nice to have
SMOK G-PRIV 220 With TFV8 Big Baby Starter Kit https://www.heavengifts.com/product/SMOK-G-PRIV-220-Kit-with-TFV8-Baby.html


round 6
Oct 26
why not looks pimp


round 6
Oct 26
cos geekvape are on a roll at the moment and I expect this to be gooooood


Round 6 #1 Oct. 26th


I want this mod so badly! It is absolutely beautiful in the blue/pink and also the purple/yellow! I have been wanting a resin mod and I have heard great things about this one!!!

Congrats on your win @Silhouette!!!


10/26/17 Rd. 6 Post #1
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10/26/17 Rd.6 Post #2
Congratulations @Silhouette you are on a roll :raised_hands:
Enjoy your Win :+1:


Round 6 #2 Oct. 26th


This mod is a masterpiece! It is absolutely beautiful! I do not have any mods that use 26650 batteries and I would like to see what this does for battery life. I also like that this mod is fairly small yet still powerful at 100 watts.

Thank you for the opportunity @Heaven_Gifts!!!


Hey guys…I am trying to get more people to enter this giveaway that haven’t yet. This giveaway is awesome and we get a chance to win whatever we want! You should join and if you don’t want to please ignore me and sorry for the tag!

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And some more cause I can’t put more than 10 tags in one post…

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Yaaaayy!! Congratulations @Silhouette :balloon::tada::confetti_ball:


Round 6 #1

Like the way it looks. Would match all the mods I have.