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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Each Prize is Worth up to $200--10/8


The year 2018 is our 11th year since when we are found. It is our 3rd time doing this online celebration. Heaven Gifts Anniversary is not only a ritual that celebrates the progress we made, moreover, it is a vaping feast that returns the supports and favor our clients, partners, community members have done for Heaven Gifts.

Unlike previous year celebration, we’re doing a bit different. For the next coming days, we divide the massive contest into a few parts. Each part differs from others. We hope and wish all of you people enjoy this once a year online e-cigarette carnival.

This time we specially prepared a few of HG 11th Fortune Bags to give away, which come from different brands, including multiple renowned e-cig brands’ products. They can be tank, mod, kit or smart chargers. A little bit curious, huh? Well, we can show you some bags for a limited glimpse!

For example:

Fortune bag with 1* Vaporesso Switecher 220W kit, 1*StageVape Venus RDA, 1*Vapecige VTX 100W mod

Cool? Then don’t hesitate to join this vaping carnival and bring the secret gift home.

To enter:

Please find one product you like at heavengifts.com and paste the link with reason why you choose it.

1.We will pick 2 lucky winners via random.org on October 8, 2018.
2.Each participant can post 3 times every day. Number your entry, for instance: Oct 1 #Post 1
3.We require at least 30 participants.

BTW, we also set a High Power Kit Special Promotion for you. High power box mod will bring you large vapor, better heat and excellent throat feel. And it is perfect for advanced vapers. With a large wattage range, the High Power Kit will meet you different vaping needs. The “cloud chasers” are always interested in such high wattages too. For some coils with low resistance, the High Power Kit brings huge vapor production. You are capable of checking for more Clearance Tanks! What are you waiting for? Grab the bargain!

Current Giveaways Links

post #1


I chose the chess series drip tips because I think they are brilliant. I want to get them all, including 16 pawns, 8 of each color and one of each color for the rest.


Post #2


I chose the atty stands so I can play chess with the chess drip tips. I believe I’ll need 96.


post #3

Thanks @Heaven_Gifts for all the giveaways, this one is pretty cool.


This one looks like it could be a good combo!


Nice and simple drip tip


Small and compact.


IP67 with built in battery.


Sep 30 #Post 1


The lanyard will stop the wife from loosing her setup all the time


Sep 30 #Post 2

Heard some good things about the Nova


Sep 30 #Post 3

Simply stunning


9/30 #1
Tesla Punk 85W TC Box MOD
Nice design


9/30 #2
Excellent design, great battery capacity.


9/30 #3
Rubber paint body with comfortable hand fill.


9/30 Post #1


I chose the wasp nano RDA becase it has great flavor and it’s tiny


9/30 Post #2


I heard great stuff about this RTA and always wated to try it


9/30 Post #3


This will probably be one of the best RTA’s in 2018!


Sept 30
Post 1
Wow! Awesome contest! Thanks very much HG! HAPPY 11TH ANNIVERSARY!
Cool kit from ijoy, 3000mah internal battery. Looks good


Sept 30
Post 2
Agreed adary, great rta, smooth airflow, looks good… nice drip tip


Sept 30
Post 3

One of the most popular mods of 2018. Great looks, great chip. Reliable. Nice doors. I like