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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Each Prize is Worth up to $200--10/8


Nice win @Mew and @GPC2012 and thank you too @Heaven_Gifts and so sorry for you that your holiday is over.


Congrats! Thanks HG!!


Congrats winners. Ty ty @Heaven_Gifts


Congratulations @Mew and @GPC2012 :tada:
Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the chance :raised_hand:


thanks everyone. Cant wait to try them out.
Thanks HG for the great swag bag. good stuff for sure


Wifey loves her Vaporesso mod, not I gots one of my own.


Wow!!! TYSM everyone for the congrats. And Heaven Gifts for all the great giveaways. Happy 11th Anniversary. You rock :heart:


Congrats you 2 :smile:
Thanks again Heaven Gifts :smile:


Wow! What a giveaway! @Heaven_Gifts, you guys ROCK! Congrats on all the great prizes @Mew and @GPC2012 :tada::tada::tada: Hope you all enjoy your awesome winnings (and if you don’t, feel free to send them my way :wink: jk!!!)