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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Each Prize is Worth up to $200--10/8


Nice win @Mew and @GPC2012 and thank you too @Heaven_Gifts and so sorry for you that your holiday is over.


Congrats! Thanks HG!!


Congrats winners. Ty ty @Heaven_Gifts


Congratulations @Mew and @GPC2012 :tada:
Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the chance :raised_hand:


thanks everyone. Cant wait to try them out.
Thanks HG for the great swag bag. good stuff for sure


Wifey loves her Vaporesso mod, not I gots one of my own.


Wow!!! TYSM everyone for the congrats. And Heaven Gifts for all the great giveaways. Happy 11th Anniversary. You rock :heart:


Congrats you 2 :smile:
Thanks again Heaven Gifts :smile:


Wow! What a giveaway! @Heaven_Gifts, you guys ROCK! Congrats on all the great prizes @Mew and @GPC2012 :tada::tada::tada: Hope you all enjoy your awesome winnings (and if you don’t, feel free to send them my way :wink: jk!!!)


I got a whole big package of goodies today from HG thanks so much for the contest more to follow sooj


My goodies arrived yesterday. TY HG for all the contests you provide and will enjoy these gifts. Much love :heart: