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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: EHPRO Special--9/19



EHPRO has probably improved a lot today.

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Still using my Billow v3 plus and my Daughter is using my old v3 standard, great tanks.



I quit smoking by vaping.



It was probably my own inexperience and stupidity that made the Billow a fail for me :sunglasses:

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Happy anniversary @Heaven_Gifts :tada::tada::tada:


1 Happy birthday HeavenGifts!



I quit smoking by switching to vaping.

Best of luck to everyone.








Post #1
“EHPro specializes in creating 1:1 devices and accessories for the e-cigarette market, often producing the same, if not better results. Delivering more on the high-end portion of the market, EHPro Technology Co.,Ltd has become a centerpiece within the electronic cigarette market. The manufacturer was established in early 2011 and now has production inserted into three factories, with its headquarters being located in Shenzhen, China. Besides its headquarters, there are two mechanical processing plants that house more than 100 machines, and totaling 190 staff between the three factories.” @Hobag @AlanS @cosacee @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @MandaB @Mew @Laura5 @tbt127 @SessionDrummer @Sprkslfly


5 Ehpro lock rda is awesome!

  1. Happy 11th Anniversary @Heaven_Gifts

  1. I was able to quit a 33 year Tobacco addiction with the help of Vaping. image


3) Although I have been nicotine Free for a little over 2 years. I enjoy DIYing Eliquids, and assisting others in their transition to a Healthier Lifestyle.


Post 1. I quit smoking by vaping


Post 2. I like the flavor of vaping.


Post 3. I love dna mods more than my other mods.


Post 4. I don’t own any ehpro products but if I win this contest I will be a vape winner.


Post 5. I love heavengifts. Welll platonically. Lol