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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: OBS & Vapefly Special--9/29


Vaping could have saved me thousands of dollars I spent on stop smoking gum patches and lozenges.


Even after being quit for 10 years the addiction was so strong I had to have it, lucky for me I fell off the wagon right in front of the local vape store…


It was either get a pack of cigs or try one of them new vapes, I’m glad we went into the vape store.


Vaping is so inexpensive compared to smoking cigs, especially when you make your own e-liquid.


Post #5

State Avg. Price per Pack Cost Over One Year
Arkansas $6.07 $2,216

Price to make e-liquid for a week may be about $3.00 to $5.00, I’m just guessing but it is really cheap and much more enjoyable and flavorful.


Guys, this contest has ended.
Till now, we got 84 replies.
So we’ll give away 1 x OBS Cheetah 2 RDA & 1x Vapefly Mesh Plus RDA .
Please stay tuned.:wink:


Winner Announcement

Dear all,

Thanks for your active participation and supports. So excited to choose the winner.

Congratulations #73 @Pikachu!
Your prize is OBS Cheetah 2 RDA.

Congratulations #29 @jhmiller!
Your prize is Vapefly Mesh Plus RDA.

You are our winner! Please PM us your shipping address in following format.

Post code:
Tel & Email:

After receiving the prize, please share your real feeling and user experience with other vaping friends here or any of your account such as Facebook, Twitter.

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              Pika Pika !!!


Congratulation @Pikachu and @jhmiller !


Gratz @Pikachu and @jhmiller :tada:

Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the giveaway!


Congradulations @Pikachu and @me :wink:
Thank you so much @Heaven_Gifts for running all these giveaways :heart:

I will be PIF’ing this giveaway win to someone here I have a lot of respect for :gift:


Congratulations @Pikachu & @jhmiller :raised_hands:
Thanks for the Chance @Heaven_Gifts :raised_hand:


Congrats Winners!!
Thanks @Heaven_Gifts


Congrats!!! And thanks @Heaven_Gifts!!


I don’t know why but that pika thing bugs the piss out of me. No offense to your avatar, its just that meme. makes me want to load my 12 gauge.