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HeavenGifts 300w Hyper Mods Roundtable Discussion and Contest


5.Tag 2 of your friends here.

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@mixologist13 @dwdh586


1.Do you think is there really necessary to have a 300w output power mod?
It would be fun to play with, but 300W isn’t necessary for me.
I usually vape around 16W for tanks, or 160W-440F temp for squonk.

2.Let us know the highest output power mod you have/had
200W RX200S

3.Among the 4 mods we listed above, which do you like? Why?
The Hack, for the battery detection and interface.
4.What kind of material are you using as your wick, cotton, rayon?
Organic cotton, hemp, braided silica, and rayon.

5.Tag 2 of your friends here.
@TheTinMan1 @Tomboy


If you separate your answers out you have more chance to win :wink:


Entry #5

5.Tag 2 of your friends here.


This contest has ended.
Thanks for your active participation and supports.
See you next time.:wink:


I think 300w is a little excessive for me. I rarely go over 150. But im betting the battery life is outstanding


Rx 200 with the update to 250w


That Smok gx350 looks nice. Out of the others its the most ergonomic


Cotton is my fav


This contest has ended :sunglasses: