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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win 200W IJOY RDTA Box & Enjoy 30% off Crazy Christmas Sale

  1. @Pugs1970 non-video reviews are the best obvs :laughing:

@mikelej14 @fidalgo_vapes


No, I love you more. No, you hang up first. :laughing:


cheers Neo lad :wink: what would I do without ya :smiley:


no YOU hang up first


HexOhm and Aromamizer Supreme


@Alisa @DarthVapor


I really liked my rx200 with aromamizer Supreme.

This setup here is like a condensed polished up bit of that it looks like. Awesome :slight_smile: especially since I just lost my mod the other night :(vapeless


Huge tank. Less refilling. Very nice look.


All in one devices with more power and rebuildable/diy setups will probably be more popular as the regulations strangle


I haven’t yet but I will definitely be looking it up because it sounds great. I don’t have a favorite, I usually watch many to get a more indepth look at the devices, some say stuff others don’t etc.


@bradslinux @Ken_O_Where


1 HΩhm Wrecker G2 with a Griffin 25 RTA has been my go to lately


2 The fluid capacity is a huge plus about this mod.


3 I think the RTA trend will continue into 2017 as we see bigger tanks and flavor chasing RTAs


4 I have yet to watch a review on this product as of yet


5 tagging @Skullblade789 and @Volition to join the fun


I love the clunky Ijoy Maxo because the battery life is stupendous and I think the little Goblin mini v3 looks totally cute on top and the flavour is awesome.


The different deck options, liquid capacity and the looks :wink:


I would like to see a mod that not only tells me the ohms of my build but also the type of wire I’ve used, since I frequently forget what I put in it. Do I think that would happen in 2017? Not sure but I can hope. :slight_smile:


I haven’t watched any video reviews but I’ve read the review by @Pugs1970 and I think he’s the funniest reviewer around.
He managed to get me to buy an RDA and that is quite an achievement. :sunglasses: