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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win 315W IJoy Maxo, Experience the First Quad 18650 TC Mod


Entry 1 My batteries last about 20 to 24 hours depending on how heavy I vape that day and which mod I’m vaping on.


Entry 2
I would love a mod/battery combination that lasted 3 or 4 days.


Entry 3
I think this is a great feature. Dual mode for relaxing while you watch TV or for that quick vape or two in the middle of the night when you wake up thirsty and end up watching TV for a couple hours. And Quad Mode for those day when you you’re just trying to cloud the whole room up and annoy your friends.


Entry 4

I think a warning light to let you know when you are down to 25% of the battery left would be good. How about a small solar panel on one side to auto charge anytime there is enough light.


I expect a single 18650 to last at least a few hours of general vaping

@kevin_g @wedantha @Xaier


Entry 5

I think When I Win this I’ll have to get myself a new IJOY tank to go with it. I like the looks of the acme and the Limitless.


I might put the Boreas on it although it maybe a little heavy but… :sweat_drops:


batteries should last at least one full day


my batteries typically last most of a day if its the only mod im using


battery mode feature is nice i think its smart , as long as it does what its meant to


a mod should be able to read the time , actual battery life , automatic shut off


i think i would use the clieto 120 or the lynx on this mod


(1) Depending on whether I’m dripping or tanking my mod battery lasts anywhere from 12-24 hours. (They tend to die rather quick when installing specialty coils like a framed staple of staggered at really low ohms but that’s expected).


(2) I would expect my mods battery to last at least a day. I mean seriously, who enjoys dead battery swapping?


(3) My thoughts on the Maxo’s battery swapping feature are in heaven. It’s perfect. If you feel like heavy duty vaping pop 4 in, if you are at work vaping just pop two out. Sweet idea!


(4) I think every mod whether series or parallel should have the function of being able to run on 1, 2, 3, or 4 batteries. Just a thought.


(5) If I were the winner I would like to use the new Joyetech tank I was just looking at on HeavenGifts.com with the triple coil but don’t have a mod that would push the tank good enough yet so I would have to just stick with my Crown 2 (with the v3 fixed coils with dual yellow o rings) and you know I’d have to break out the Velocity for this bad boy lol!


1.Tell us how long does your mod’s battery last: Depends on whether I am SubOhm’ing or not. SubOhm = about 6 hours
2.Tell us how long do you expect a mod’s battery last: I’d love it if it was 15 hours
3.Tell us your thoughts on IJoy Maxo’s switchable battery mode feature: Seems like a good idea
4.Tell us what functions do you think a mod should have: Changing temps and ohms/wattage is a must
5.If you were the winner, which tank or dripper do you gonna use with IJoy Maxo: Aspire 3.6ml


1 mine lasts 1day


2 should last a couple days,I want one