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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win 315W IJoy Maxo, Experience the First Quad 18650 TC Mod


congrats @Mark_Turner


Congrats on your win @Mark_Turner :tada:


congrats @Mark_Turner


congrats @Mark_Turner


Congrats @Mark_Turner

With 315 watts at your disposal we all expect clouds so big it can be seen from miles away :+1:


Wow that was quick. The Maxo
315w arrived today. Very nice, once I have a chance to run it thru all the paces I will post my review here :white_check_mark:


More pics 2 ! Plz

Red looks good.


I love mine @Mark_Turner, same one in red, it’s not a take out mod though, things a brick, only one very slight annoyance I found with mine and that’s the battery door underneath bows out slightly so it doesn’t sit properly, doesn’t alter the way it works in any way though :+1:


I am really enjoying the MAXO as well @Pugs1970 and yes the slight gap at the battery door and the 510 connector with my Atty. on Is mildly annoying, I don’t know if you have tried out the User Mode yet. But I have been fiddling around and I think it is definitely a feature I can see myself putting to good use :point_left:Pardon the Pun :facepunch:


Congrats man!! Very cool yet slightly annoying gapage…


Yeah I love that feature, I have it set to go higher with each bar so it gets more intense haha, it’s like a nerve game, see how much you can hang on for lmaoo


I found the 510 pin a bit long on my Starre Pure so I cut a round piece of plastic with and put a hole in it and use it like a shim between the tank and mod. what worked for me is the plastic from a box of Q-tips. I’ve heard of folks using a plastic milk jug, and even post-it note pad paper.


Hmmm, Pretty good idea. Shimming the the deck at the 510 connector :+1:


Mine is ugly but it works fine:


I don’t think that’s ugly, In fact I think that is brilliant :white_check_mark: