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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win Voopoo Alpha One, A Powerful Device with Minimalistic Design--(Ended)


Hey guys, guess you are not strange to Voopoo brand now, huh? Their very first release Drag mod made a big hit in the community due to the amazing Gene chip that can fire the device in 0.025s. Now they introduce a new device adopting the same chip but comes with a pretty minimalistic design & more higher output power, 222 watts, which is Alpha One. The highlight of this device should be the newly added “LOVE” pulse mode, which claims to provide a waved output that ensures a longer vaping time and a gentler user experience if you vape at 160w above. And it’s also firmware upgradeable and allows you to do customize settings through the Voopoo pc app. It’s definitely a good choice for those who wanna pick a powerful device with neat appearance & super fast fire speed. Now we are gonna give away 1 kit for you guys to test. Catch your chance!!

Giveaway Rules:
1.Please gave your answer to the vape quiz below (Tip: not only one answer;please use a draft to display)

2.How do you think about this Voopoo Alpha One Mod?

3.Tag 3 of your forum friends to enter.

4.Share the Voopoo Alpha One on any of your social media pages.(Optional)

1.This contest ends on October 2, 2017 (Since we’re gonna have a long National Day holiday from Oct. 1st to 8th, the winner will be choosen on 9th)
2.We will pick 1 lucky winner via random.org; if the winner gave the right answer of the vape quiz, he/she can also get an extra $20 Heaven Gift gift card.
3.Each person can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
4.We require at least 25 participants.

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#Post 1

Impossible. If you’re left with 10 mods left you can organize them in the following ways (even numbers only):
2-2-2-2-2: 5 columns or rows, uneven
2-2-2-4; 4-row or column creates uneven row/column
2-4-4: uneven columns or rows
2-2-6: uneven columns or rows
4-6: 6-column or row creates uneven row or column
2-8: uneven columns or rows

I like the retro style of the mod and the super fast firing of the mod is just bonkers :slight_smile: It’s great to see other mods that offer a wide range of options for customization.
The way the menus operate is a point for improvement and maybe an additional button would help to avoid all the multi-click combinations (but that goes for a lot of mods these days).

@MTR76 @DaveDave @Mark_Turner


  1. The Math puzzle displays 4 rows of 4 units for a total of 16 units.
    By removing 6 of those units you are left with 10 remaining units.
    The common denominators of 10 are 2 & 5.
    By making 2 rows of 5 units or 5 rows of 2 units you have an equal amount of units per row.








  1. I love the simplicity of the device. In a World of Flashing Lights, Buzzers & Annoying complication of Technology. Its refreshing to see a straight forward piece of Vaping Equipment.

  1. My trusted, albeit absent Forum Members @QaxXxuZ @Quadfx @qwestor

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Post 1


Post 2
I love it! I think it looks like a piece of 80s gear, kinda reminds me of an NES or an old VCR.


Post 3
@Molly_Mcghee @Cutlass92 @Daven @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @Sprkslfly

  1. I would like to go on recorded as saying.
    Based on the photo above.
    Either that young lady has very small hands or this is a very large device.
    Which I am okay with.
    I like when people comment
    "Oh my God look at that Guys device its “HUGE”!


Post 4
This works too



@JoJo @Lolly @SessionDrummer @TheTinMan1 @Jenny1978



@DaveDave @Dan_the_Man @Leilani @anon60225325 @Laura5 @robin @Brandolf


Post 5
@Silhouette @Jenny1978 @DrChud @TheTinMan1


post #1
Take away all 4 corners and 2 from the center which ever ones u want. Now put them all back.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I like the way it looks like an old vcr.
@Mew @Jenny1978 @BoDarc


It looks sharp.


@Mew @anon60225325 @AZViking