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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Win Voopoo Drag Mod, Experience Intelligence Vaping


The Pharaoh RTA since I’ve heard great reports about it.


I think the rules are excellent as they are.
@Grubby @TheTinMan1 @Underanne @Josephine_van_Rijn @CallMeTut @Fozzy71


Voopoo Gene Chip


usb charging is a plus for me


4.If you won from this contest, which tank will you use on Voopoo Drag? Pick one at Heaven Gifts and paste its link here



5.If Heaven Gift gonna have new contest rules, what’s your suggestion?
Require 2 tags of users


voopoo gene chip


The feature I like the best is the look of the mod. The steel look is way cooler than the chipping paint on my current mod.

  1. nope…
    2_ i like the wattage it gets, and design
  2. rx300 and vaporesso tarot pro 160w with kanger protank 4
  3. https://www.heavengifts.com/product/OBS-Crius-Plus-RTA-Tank-SS.html
  4. no suggestions :slight_smile:


Currently I am using the Smok Alien Mod with the 528 Customs Goon RDA:


I would have to purchase the OBS Engine in silver. I have been wanting this for a while:


I think a good contest rule would be to have everyone post what they think would be Reasonable Regulations for vaping products. So many countries/states have laws, or are trying to pass laws, that are not in the interest of the people and that are instead simply protecting companies that stand to lose money by people switching to vaping. But the vaping industry does need some type of regulations. I remember back in 2010, ordering 250mL e-Liquid and it comes with no child proof cap and no warning that it even contains nicotine.



Fast fire and firmware upgradable

  1. I have never heard of this chipset?

  1. Fast fire is a plus, not really a feature per se but the LOOK of this MOD is never appealing.

  1. Ijoy Maxo 315w

  1. Because I am a flavor chaser this Atomizer I would use on the VooPoo Drag


One entry per a person, No tagging allowed, No minimum entries required


Voopoo gene chip


Rapid firing speed