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HeavenGifts Giveaway: Wotofo Vape Pack Contest! Prizes Fit for Every Vaper

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    @BoyHowdy @tbt127


The Serpent 50w Tc kit looks small enough for a good travel round so I pick that one


I normally go a bit higher, but I have noticed lately that I seem to bee lowering it slightly so 50w would be ample


I’d probably go with SS twists, around .5 or .6 ohms with only having 50w to play with


Yes I use the Serpent mini daily, it’s one of my favourite tanks for flavour, it’s a very well made tank.


5 .My every day carry is my Laisimo L3 with the serpent mini or the Alien


@Grubby @Kalahariuk @Lolly


The Serpent 50w kit looks like a good travel mod.


I am usually around 50w or so. Seems like it would be ok.


SS316L Claptons to start.


Unfortunately not yet. I have seen a few reviews of Wotofo products, seems reliable.


@BoDarc @robin


I would like to win the Wotofo Serpent 50W TC Full Kit. I have a family member I have been trying to help quite smoking and I think this would be a great kit for her.


If used with a higher ohm coil it would be enough but generally I like to vape in the 75 to 100 watt range.


28g core fused claptons would probably work really well in this. I have the full size Conqueror and love it so I am betting the mini is going to be a real winner.


I love the Wotofo products. The Conqueror is one of my favorites and the Steam Engine subtank is still one of my favorite tanks to take on the road with me. I also love the Ice Cube and Sapor RDA’s, Wotofo really builds some great products.


The Serpent 50w tc kit which I would give to my friend who is having a really tough time this year and could use a new mod.


It would definitely be fine for me, depending on which mod I’m using the max I use is 30 watts.


Hohmtech Slice with Smok TFV8