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Hello Everyone


Hello Everyone Just joined, Trying to learn how to make my own liquid.
Just got my PG , VG and Nicotine. Got these flavours in 10 ml bottles
7UP BLEND lemon and lime PG
Choice 10
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4
Choice 5
Choice 6
Choice 7
Choice 8
Choice 9
Gonna mix a couple of them on there own to start, but can anyone give me some recipes to mix them uo together??
Thanks Kevin


A lot of these seem like stand alone flavors! I’m sure they can be mixed with other ingredients but it doesn’t look like you have them at this point! Maybe rhubarb custard and strawberry cheesecake would go nice together for a strawberry rhubarb cheesecake but I’m not familiar with kh flavorings. Possibly blue raspberry and watermelon or rasp and mixed berries!


Cheers Mate, If I mix two together say rasp and mixed berries, would I put 5% from each bottle as they are a 10% mix ??
Thanks Kevin


No problem good luck and have fun!


Kind of hard to say for sure, since I’ve never used their flavors, but 5% would be where I start.
You can always add more flavoring, but it’s a pain diluting them down if you add too much.
You could do a general search with just the flavors minus the vendor, but there’s no guarantee that you will get a juice that tastes just like the recipe (different vendors have different formulas for the same flavor, making each a unique flavor, even If they are all just raspberry.)
Welcome to the gang! Glad to have more people mixing and vaping!


Thanks for replies.
Where is the bt place to buy flavours from? or I might try the one shot bottles.


Did some research on it I believe they’re called kandi head concentrates and 5./. Is recommended starting percentages for a lot of them. Be sure to really shake them up first. @kevin46 let us know how they turn out!


Bull city flavors is awesome! Give it a shot 5/5 see what happens I’m sure it’ll taste pretty good, if you were mixing bakeries and creams that’s a different story! For a stand alone flavor it looked like people were doing 10./. But don’t quote me on that!


Thanks Again. need to do some more research.
Now for the shaking bit, I know some flavours can be shaked and vaped and some need a while to stand.
How long do they need shaking for,? must build myself some kind of shaker, my bloody arms are aching already.


Lol ya just for a minute or so then everyday for a week at least! Yes some can be vaped straight away but best to let them sit a week to two! I also meant shake concentrate before mixing with it!


Just tried a Blue Slushie it is quite nice, for my first go, although I did not shake the 10ml bottle before I added 10% of it to the base mix, will have to remember next time.
I am mixing 70 VG and 30 PG.


Guessing from some of the terms you use I would guess your in the U.K., i believe real flavors ships international, along with nicotine river, I know there are a few more but I can’t think of them right now. As for mixing your juices you can use a cheap beverage mixer like this, to get you by until you can get a mag stirrer. I am still saving my pennies to get one!


Yes I am in the UK, was thinking of getting one of them, another mistake I made was trying to mix in a small bottle, there was not enough room to shake, so had to transfer to a bigger one.
What is the best thing to mix in ? I’ve seen some on YouTube using jars.


Another thing you can do is microwave a half cup of water for 30 secs to get it hot doesn’t need to be really hot then set your mix in it for a minute or two then when you pull it out hand shake it it shakes easier when it’s warmed up


Really you can use anything glass, i use a beaker, some people use Erlenmeyer flasks also known as conical flasks, if I had to pick one thing to get right away it would be a scale that does grams, it makes it so much easier to mix, also remember that you want to leave room in your bottles so you can shake them while aging.


You’ve got the Kandi-Hed from justvape247?
Look at the resource page for EU vendors, there are some discount codes too.
I like www.chefsflavours.co.uk, they have good prices. Code POTV gets you a discount, I think it is 5%.
As a fellow European I wouldn’t recommend ordering from the US, the shipping fees are atrocious, delivery is about as slow as the slow boat from China and when you’re very unlucky, you get custom fees as well :roll_eyes:

DarkStar Vapour sells quality nicotine and flavorings. For 12% off flavourings and non-nicotine products use code: ELRECIPES

https://www.liberty-flights.co.uk code ORDO for 10% off
http://thee-cigshop.co.uk code ELR12 for 12% off

Oh, before I forget, welcome to the forum :grinning:


Hi @kevin46, welcome to the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Here are some of the better places to get quality flavouring in the uk, I’m also in the uk.
Please feel free to ask questions about anything your not sure about because there’s plenty of knowledge and experience right here.
As @Josephine_van_Rijn has suggested
Also:- http://www.leisureliquids.com/?m=no
That should keep you going for a while. :wink:


Thanks Again. I have used Darkstarvapor and find them really good.
Will have a look at some of the others too.