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Help a noob out!


You’d think that the second would be obvious… :roll_eyes: :rofl:


I’ve done it! @Molly_Mcghee came up with a recipe that makes it tolerable!


Hey @JoJo, do you think we could have a :wink: added to the quick emoticons (bottom left)??


@CallMeTut has too! And he didn’t complain too loudly. I should probably send him something that’s more delicious though! :smiley:



Just make sure you don’t aspirate the seed!




How bout this?


You have no idea what your missing!


Or this? For some Asian emo zing?


K-Pop’s gone emo?!? When did this happen, and why wasn’t I informed sooner?


1,000,000 times better than Warrant. Eighties hair bands trigger my inner angry baby.


I was shocked


Newbie welcomes gone wrong. Film at 11.


Oh, yeah! Welcome @MickeyMinaj!!


The only comment I’ll make about the Unicorn Vomit is that the bottle I have of it still has it’s cherry unpopped (i.e. I haven’t cracked it’s seal). I thought the juice was okay… it was vapable.


Well you just cum with me and I will show you how it’s done!


First off, welcome @MickeyMinaj! Secondly, I’m always glad to snap-crackle-pop a cherry, but it seems like @Cutlass92 & @Molly_Mcghee have bypassed popping it and gone straight to smashing it! There isn’t even any juice left to lap up…just a damn stain reminding me I have laundry to do🤔 Sloppy 2nd’s went to molly, so that makes me the clean up crew if I go any further!

Anyway, all the suggestions and links should get u off to a great start. Like everyone has said, pay especially close attention to nicotine mixing safety/storage. Start very simple with an easy recipe or 2 that seem appealing to u and expand into deeper waters once u feel like u have a good grasp on things (and the ampile amount of swelling goes down, on wut used to be a juicy little cherry). Getting back to that, let’s put some diketone(s) on it! These r the compounds in most thick/creamy/custardy flavors (I kno! irony?). Anyway, read up on them…flavors containing diketones have a little triangle displayed on them (more irony?) They r reported to be unsafe for vaping, but formulate your own opinion. Everyone has their own preference. U have your work cut out for u, but it’s a blast every step of the way. We r all here to help and share our experiences (and cherries, considering we’ve passed u around quite a bit already) lmao ok I’m done! So lastly, welcome again and happy mixing! Hope we haven’t been too rough with u!


Good stuff @Molly_Mcghee