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Help a noob out!


Please help me out I’m beginning my diy and want to know the basics of the art. I’d there’s any info or vids/articles you know of lmk! I’m a complete cherry and need to be shown the ways. So please help and start at the beginning. Not really looking for recruits unless you have a great clone of Rainbow Nuggets,lol. Just the basic starting stuff. Precautions, and the basic do’s and don’t’s of home grown e-juice. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and please excuse my noob. Peace out yo!




Your biggest concern is Nicotine, read and learn about it.

This is a great place too:


It can get overwhelming quickly when starting out because there is endless info out there. Best thing to do is keep it simple…meaning read the Beginner pinned topics, find a few high rated recipes that look good to you and just get the flavorings to make those:



Also don’t use the word “Cherry” especially in a terms such as “bust my cherry” or “I’m a complete cherry” around @VapeyMama or @Jenny1978


I like cherries…


Oh, and welcome @MickeyMinaj! Everyone else gave great answers. :wink:


Best advice I can give is do some light reading…


As everyone else stated. Everything you need is on the forum. I could not agree with @Grubby more. Nicotine is the only thing as far as mixing that you REALLY need to be careful with. Other than that I can say to start slow. It takes some time. Do your research on flavors before you buy anything so you don’t get duds. I have many. Also I would find some simple shake and vape recipes to start with so you have some juice right off the bat. Fruits and Candies are the a little easier IMO. Welcome


Welcome to the rabbit hole @MickeyMinaj


Good point @CallMeTut


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I have no idea why @CallMeTut thinks we would say anything regarding the use of the term cherry! :innocent: We would never make any kind of innuendos like…oh, wait, you’re right Tut, good call on the warning! :joy:

Welcome @MickeyMinaj! As you can see, we tend to joke around in our non-vaping related comments. Besides friends and silliness, you will find so much knowledge here! I hope that you will enjoy this wonderful community and the fun hobby mixing can become. Everyone here is always willing to help if you have more questions. I would never know what I do now about mixing, and vaping as a whole, without these amazing people! The links posted will be very helpful to you as you get started. Good luck!


Or @Cutlass92, or @Molly_Mcghee, or… yeah, sorry, but that list has to be prematurely truncated, or it would go for a good ways. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:


I would never ever make any cherry reference! Besides them being delicious and I love popping them and sucking the juice!


You are pure evil :skull_and_crossbones:


While a good call overall… I would amend that to:

Do your research on flavors before you buy anything, so you minimize duds. :wink:

Aside from nicotine being point of focus #1 (safety, handling, mixing, choice of brand NicSelect), remember Taste IS subjective. You WILL have duds.

But, as mentioned, read, read, and read some more. The time spent reading, not only can equate to saving money (in buying hardware that doesn’t fit your style/needs, but the same for flavors, though not only in choices, but in percentages that are right for your hardware/Power level/preference and palate) but maintaining your safety!


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One quick tip. Everything on the sites to buy concentrates looks great but make sure to buy the small bottles first. Then get bigger ones when you know you love tha flavor.


I’ve never…

Passed up a chance to make cheap jokes! :joy: Cherries are delicious.

As for advice? Don’t vape gasoline. Or unicorn vomit.