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Help! Big batches cloudy


Hey all, so I am in a predicament. I have been working on a mix to stop it from being cloudy. Finally got the perfect balance i thought. 15% 65/35 ratio. Mixed up a 60ml bottle and it is clear as a daisy. I then proceeded to mix up a 5 litre batch of exactly the same recipe and quantities, but it is cloudy again!!!? Anyone know why? Or how I can fix it please.



It will likely clear over time - make sure it is super well mixed. The cloudy appearance can depend on the ingredients but it may also not be mixed fully.


Agreed ^^^^. I’ve also noticed it when shaking quite a bit. Micro air bubbles ?? Not sure, but like @woftam said, it will likely clear.


this has happened to me just a few times…

the solutions i tried to fix it.
a) Warm baths from times to times, and after bathing it shake the hell out of it…
2) while letting it steep most of the times it gets more clear

it would be nice to post your recipe… some more experienced people than me could know if any of the ingredients could have any chemicals or certain flavors inside that is responsible for that…

for example:
TPA Menthol at certain amounts makes my ejuice cloudy… (goes away after some days)
Cinnamon red hots at certain amounts makes ejuice cloudy… (after a few days it goes away)
Triacetyn is responsible for cloudy ejuice too…
i guess many other could result in same thing…

though even cloudy it’s reported that it’s safe to vape from users…


Need to add fireball too that list.


sorry… didn;t got that joke


It would also be nice to see a picture…
a 5 Liter batch! You must like that stuff (or have a good clientele for it…)


How did you mix/blend it? Could it be tiny bubbles in the mix making it appear cloudy?


Joke? It wasn’t a joke. Fireball is a flavor, I believe it’s made by flavorwest. It is supposed to taste like the liquor of the same name. It will usually stay clear in a mix, but has been known to turn cloudy, and in rare cases, cause separation when used at a high percentage.


Right?!! I was thinking the same thing. Oofta!


lol sorry… i don’t know that flavor at all… thought it was a joke or something…


No problem, it’s impossible to keep up with all the flavors on the market.
I should have elaborated on it the first time. My fault.
It’s a hot Cinnamon. I’ve tried the actual liquor, but I’m not a fan of hot Cinnamon, so of course, it was loaded with it. (Cinnamaldehyde)
I have the flavoring, only because my daughter-in-law loves it.


Its all fixed thanks people. The batch just wasn’t mixing due to size, so I warmed it slightly to loosen viscosity of the VG then blended for a few secs. Today it is clear.


Ok now for the burning question… Seriously what do you do with 5 liters of juice?! Lots of inquiring minds would love to know…lol


hrm… sounds interesting :slight_smile: i will try to get it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: i love cinnamon :slight_smile:


Here’s a link to the flavoring for fireball.


tyvm sir :slight_smile:


Ha! I’m a small juice manufacturer, and this is a testing batch to see if it scales and for my focus group to test.


Phew… I thought you were maaaybe just crazy. Lol