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:Help!: Comprehensive Juice Calculator


Hey All!

So, I’m running into a problem and I need some help. I need a way to keep track of ingredient usage from inventory. I’m specifically looking for a calculator or maybe even an excel template that will keep inventory, but also subtract ingredients from inventory whenever a recipe is made. Does anything like this exist? If so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Not sure as this is only one I have used but perhaps Cosmic E Juice Calculator now available (free) would be of use or perhaps @CosmicTruth knows of one. Gl to u!


I’ll check that out. Thank you very much @worm1 !


http://diyjuicecalculator.com/ I think is what you seek, several users here use it.
I don’t use it, I just use ELR and my trusty printer, I track our inventory by just watching how empty the bottles are :slight_smile: when we run out cuss and order more.
I use a spreadsheet to track steep times of finished products, that’s just a spreadsheet that tracks time in months from production time. It also has the recipe %'s container size and batch number.


My calculator is just to dilute or increase finished testers, combine 2 recipes, basic PG VG NIC calculations, and some proportionate adjustments for whole recipe and individual flavors. I recently added pack per day to liquid strengths conversions. I think I need to add more to calculate 1-shots and boosters but still don’t have a round-tuit.


Oh man, you are a life saver. This is exactly what I’m looking for! You rock, @CosmicTruth. Thank you so much!


Glad I could help, so you going to cuss and order more too?


You know it. Cuss, gather supplies, cuss, mix, cuss, order. All day long lol!


Absolutely! This is your best bet and works offline. I’ve used this calc for a few years now.
Plus, it can integrate with the recipes here on ELR.


@CosmicTruth Sorry. I meant to Reply, not Quote.


I’ve been playing around with it and I’m really impressed. Thank you guys. I had no idea about integration with ELR formats, awesome! Hopefully this will help others like myself decrease the amount of cursing and increase productivity😂


TIP: when you see a recipe here on ELR that you want to try select the Copy Simple Text option from the blue wrench in that recipe.
Then, in the Juice Calculator go to Tools–>Import From Text File.
If you have any questions feel free to hit me up.


I’ve used the diy Juice Calculator for a few years, the current version is love it’s tracking and use it all the time.


@TorturedZen I’ve been doing that QUITE a bit, trying to pull things in, and it does work. Is there no way to do a mass import for multiple imports at a time ?


That’s a good question. I’m pretty sure it functions under an Adobe Flash plugin but that’s all I know about it.


Roger that @TorturedZen. It is a PITA to dup all flavors and recipes to it (still doing it) but it sure is nice to have an offline version AND be able to track flavors, set thresholds, etc.