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Help Me Name This Dog


OK… so we are getting a new Dog. It’s a Golden Doodle, It’s my husbands and my Christmas present to each other. We are excited but marriage being what it is, we are arguing over a name. It’s a girl dog.

When we get her she will look like this:

But when she grows up, she will look like this:

I don’t want to name her “stuffed bear” (because she will look like a stuffed bear when we get her). I want something cute and funny with a calming sounding resonance where I won’t sound like an idiot yelling her name across the yard to the neighbors. Any ideas?


Call her Cloudie


I love that but next door neighbors dog is named “Coby”. Looks a lot like this dog too, I’m thinking it could confuse them.


All I can think of is Caramel Cream. CC? Maybe I’m too fixated on my current flavor experiments, lol.


The word Voop is calming. Lol.

I can’t think of a serious name though. Wish I could help.


maybe Claudine then, or call her VeeGee lol


Name her after this place… Ellie


Maybe Cinnamon, or Goldie. How about Tater Tot?


Phyllis or Evelyn are lovely names



In all honesty I’m probably not best person to ask but…yeah… :confused:


I think “Fuzzles” is a cute name, knida unique and different.


Or how about “BABS” short for Build a Bear Sweetie. lol


Could always go LOR and name her “PRECIOUS”



Looking forward to see her! :grinning:


Just look at the picture, there now you’ve seen her. lmao


I just couldn’t resist. :wink:


Tsk, don’t you know she’ll be even more special and beautiful? And that we’re all gonna be aunts and uncles…


oh believe me I know. I have four of these little guys and girls

The first pic is Lil Bit, she’s autistic we think.

the second one is Oso (Spanish for bear) He looked like a little teddy bear when he was born. He’s my guard dog and I feel sorry for the burglar the breaks in here. He’s very protective of the feederman. lol


That was my first thought!


To me she looks like a Ruby, there’s a dog in my area that looks like her and goes by that name, she’s one of the loveliest dogs around, always in a good mood and extremely friendly.