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Help me with pg and vg


Please can Someone help me, only been doing this for 3 days but cannot get anything right taste is horrible.
Don’t know how to work out what’s best 70-30 or 50-50 ect…
My nicotine I bought is 18mg and it’s 50-50 so when I look at someone’s recipe I have been changing that on their calculator but do i also need to change their amount of flavour as nothing has any taste.
I’ve tried simple ones like Strawberry and a blackcurrant and liquorice both vile!!
Don’t want anything complicated just simple so I thought this would be easy.
Have just found them very strong and no flavour.


what type of vaper are you? mouth to lung or direct to lung.
have you tried your flavoring without nic?
are you using the same concentrate brands as the recipes or are you subbing?


Type out acouple recipes here. So we can give good advice.

Of course…did you try to let the juice age/steep/sit for acouple days? Sometimes a good strawberry can take a week to develope.


Could you post the recipe, might be able to see the problem.
Desired finished:
Nic percentage
PG/VG ratio
Manufacturer and Flavor(s) in the mix.


Sounds like he overdosed the recipe, Blackcurrant and liquorice if overdosed get chemical and harsh.
We’ll wait for his feedback.


Both blackcurrant and Licorice need time to settle down since both can be a little unpleasant to Vape immediately after it is mixed. And as @Chrispdx already said anything you are mixing need time to steep to become good.


Lots of good suggestions so far. I’ll add this; if your mixes are tasting bad or harsh you could try mixing a batch of juice with no flavor just to make sure your nicotine isn’t the problem.
Pg/vg ratio is a more or less just a personal preference kind of thing. If you’re using sub ohm tanks or rdas usually a thicker juice is better (more vg than pg, if not max vg), but be aware that typically the higher the vg is, the longer it’s going to need to steep.


Ok thanks everyone for the advice.
This is one of the recipes I copied exactly and was told it was a shake and vape recipe.
Can anyone suggest a really nice fruity one I could shake and vape while others are left to steep then.

Blue Rastrawnana Cotton Candy
Gravatar - by Lou, yesterday, at 21:56

Ingredientml Grams%
Nicotine juice 18 mg (50/50 PG/VG)1.67 1.9216.7
PG dilutant2.97 3.0829.7
VG dilutant4.17 5.2641.7
Total base8.81 10.2688.1
Banana (CAP)0.40.44
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy (CAP)0.60.66
Sweet Strawberry (CAP)0.20.22
Totals10.01 11.46100


This was the other recipe.
Blackcurrant & liquorice
Gravatar - by Lou, tuesday, 17:14

Ingredientml Grams%
Nicotine juice 18 mg (50/50 PG/VG)1.67 1.9216.7
PG dilutant1.67 1.7416.7
VG dilutant6.17 7.7961.7
Total base9.51 11.4595.1
Blackcurrant Licorice (FA)0.50.55
Totals10.01 11.95100


Can you make sure your stash is public and post a link to it? That’ll help with suggestions for SNVs.
Go to your stash and make sure the “allow others to see my flavor stash” box is ticked.

And then go to your page and click on “link to public flavor stash”.


Also please post the recipes in percents! It will be much easier to look at and see whats going on.
Example, 10% Strawberry (TFA), 6% Blueberry (TFA).


Ok my stash is public.


Can you post the link to your flavor stash?


Ok this is the recipes.
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy.
Nicotine juice 18mg 50pg 50 vg
Pg 3.08g
Vg 5.26g
Banana Cappella 0.4g
Bcc Cappella 0.6g
Sweet Strawberry Cappella 0.2

Blackcurrant and liquorice
Nicotine juice 18mg 50pg 50vg
Pg 1.74
Vg 7.79
Blackcurrant and liquorice Flavour Art




Hope this is right.


You have some flavors that I’m not familiar with, but for a snv you could try this:

Cap strawberry taffy 4%
Cap sweet strawberry 4%
Tpa strawberry ripe 6%

That should give you a nice strawberry candy vape with enough flavor to taste without steeping.


Thanks so much will give that a go now.


Thanks for your help it was lovely.


Good! Glad to hear it!