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Help! Need a reputable online supplier for tanks/coils


Looking to get two TFV 8 tanks and spare coils. Local vape shop is higher priced, but very reputable.
Looking for other people’s experience with purchasing online tanks and coils.
Had a super bad experience with online coils.
Recommendations? Would like a fast to moderate speed of shipping.
Edit: i am entertaining the sites DNA vape and element vape


If u meant vapordna, yes and elementvape both well known vendors that i have never had a prob w/


I’ve used vapordna and eciggity without any issues for two years.

Eciggity does free air shipping because they can’t do ground which makes them very fast. So once you get
To the free shipping level. Go for it.


Excellent. Thank you both!


www,vapenw.com or www,myvaorstore.com

I also use eciggity.


go to www.subtanksupply.com most honest online vape business owner i have ever dealt with. he is always on the ball and doesnt mess around. i usually get my stuff within 2-3 days


if eightvape has it then its usually a good buy and ive had no problem with them , ive also used the other companies named on this thread without regret …


eciggity has shipped my purchases no later than next day and quite often same day. Highly recommended.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with buying online! I had that happen when I bought my first coils online. They were clones and made the tank leak like crazy! I learned my lesson that if the price is extremely low, they are not going to be the real brand coils.

However, I have ordered everything but my first starter kit online. I recommend registering on sites and wait to see if you get a coupon code for your first purchase upon registering or emailed to you within a day.

I have had excellent service from Kanvape.com
It’s a small business, and I try to support them. They give free shipping over $20, usually it’s shipped out that day or the next, and the orders come very fast! They often have sales - 20% off your entire order. They send it in emails but don’t post it on the site. The downside is not a huge selection and that they often have a lot of things out of stock. I found a mod I wanted that was in stock. Waited for the next 20% off sale then ordered immediately. I got a Voopoo Drag for $50 total, in my hands in 2 days. I don’t know who to thank on here for posting about this gem of a supplier, but whoever you are, I appreciate it!


from the Labor Day Sales thread…

quote=“Jenny1978, post:20, topic:158747, full:true”]
Thank you for this recommendation! Shopped the Labor Day sale and got a great deal on crown coils and picked up a few other things! Great service & communication, got here fast! I am very pleased!

You’re welcome


My copy & paste didn’t work so well, above. (Still on my first coffee of the day)

I 2nd Kanvape as an excellent supplier.


Yes, Now I remember! Thank you so much for finding that and for your original post about that site. It’s always the first place I go!


The ones we got were insanely cheap as well!
They burned red hot when in use. Good thing my hubs noticed it when i was vaping because i sure didn’t!
Thanks for the advice and guidance!


Of course! Any time :smiley:


Kanvape is having some flash sale right now


But I wonder about the free shipping to Canada. And taxes


Vapor Beast has really good sales. MyVaporStore has a pretty generic selection but ships fast. Element Vape is fine. Make your own coils, Laura, and save up for a new rda :smiley:


My hubs makes all the coils. We have a few rta and one rda. I am just missing premade coils :slight_smile:


I hear ya. I have some coils for my nautilus mini and crown v1 in my stash just calling my name. Lol. One of these days ill break them out.