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Help needed before d-day uk


OK guys am aware that soon here in the UK I can’t buy nicotine in large amounts. Am unsure on the rest of the info. Any guidance would me greatly appreciated. Like were should I buy the items I need to last Me. I currently use vapable. Thank you


Vapable is OK but expensive. I use Darkstar. They sell 2L of nicotine for about £70.

Most people get a bunch of nic and stock, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to keep it forever. Nicotine gets bad easily.
If you store it, preferably freeze it and top it up with something like argon gas so the nicotine won’t oxidize with oxygen.

After that, you should still be able to buy 20mg strength nicotine. You’ll still be able to do DIY, but obviously you’ll need to use more liquid of your nicotine base and you’ll never get more than 20mg strength (which should be more than enough for any mod).


All you really need to worry about is the nic.


That’s 20mg in 10ml bottles. You won’t be able to buy anything bigger than 10ml, as far as I remember anyway


Last time I looked Darkstar still had big bottles for sale, be quick though


They still have from 250ml in pg upwards


How would you store it?


I have mine in a cupboard at room temp, a lot of people use a fridge / freezer


If you buy the freezer packs, 250 or 500ml they come in amber glass bottles. Put it straight in the freezer. If you buy larger bottles than that you need to transfer them to amber bottles fill them to the very top.


Thank you great help


Not a bother buddy :thumbsup:


U stocking up?


Trying to. It’s harder for me to get in Ireland.


Just want to point out that you will still be able to buy nicotine from Darkstar:


We developed this range of products so that we can continue to provide our pharmaceutical grade nicotine in a fully compliant 18 bottle container pack at the compliant strength of 18mg/ml. These products can be bought by consumers for home use and by business customers to resell as individual bottles. Each box contains 18 compliant bottles and 18 individual leaflets, one of which must be supplied with every bottle resold. Available in four VG/PG ratios: 100% VG, 70% VG, 50% VG & 100% PG.


I have laid in 5L* of Darkstar 72mg nic. in PG. 10x500ml ( it comes in nice brown glass bottles ).
They sit in a cool garage.
I have 5 x 100ml bottles in a fridge.
When all 5 fridge bottles are empty I will refill all of them in one go so as not to leave a 500ml bottle with air in it.

When I moved house; my old nic stock got abused badly in storage for 2 years.
Nic in VG and VGA was useless. (Much pepper)
Nic in PG in full bottles survived well. I’m still using it.
Nic in PG in half full bottles suffered a bit of pepperiness - I use it for strawberry mixes.

  • I calculate, with 10% wastage, that’ll do me for 15+ years. I hope I will have conked out before the nic. :slight_smile:


I currently have 9lt in the freezer, hoping to get a couple more before doomsday, i havent bothered decanting it though, now im thinking maybe I should, although some of the 1lt bottles i have are 6 months old and no discloration …?


Darkstar has great prices but they don’t ship outside of the UK :cry:


Do you drink the stuff? :laughing:


He’ll be supplying the whole of the UK if there’s ever a shortage :laughing:


You’re in the right place then, lucky you. :+1:
9 litres! I’ve got 1½, I might get another 500ml before May but that will probably last me a lifetime even mixing for 3 other people beside myself :laughing: