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Help needed with the DIY vape juice making process


Thanks you I have been using the drop method along with graduated cylinder for the ml so i stay as close to recipe as i can


Thank you so much for all the help. I have added the flavors i have on my stash. I have been busy researching recipes and ordering flavors. I appreciate all the help so far and am still learning how to navigate this forum thing. I am definetly not very computer savy


Donlt think anybody’s mentioned our nifty calculating tool yet?
You might find this thread useful:

As for Butterscotch Flavours, this one is totally natural and delicious. I’d mix it at 8% , and give it three weeks’ steeping. ;

That;s a British site, BTW.
I don’t think you said what country you’re living in?


Welcome @Cathy4
You’ve had some great advice which I am certain you will take on board.
Have to say there’s nothing wrong with experimenting and making recipes up on the spot, I’m certain we all do that, but get to know the flavours is very important.
Find your sweet spot and mix for you and your taste.
Enjoy your stay here and have fun!


Ermm… Someone (wink wink, nudge nudge) said that Botanic Elixir is actually MF (Medicine Flower) diluted…

So why not just say MF? :wink: :laughing: grins
(I do appreciate they’re difficult to get over there though. Just making it easy for folks to follow, since they may not have yet found the other thread.)


Just a FYI, you should share your flavor stash public. This way these awesome folks can help you put together some simple recipes. This way you have a vapable recipe while you do some single flavors @ different %'s so you can get familiar with your concentrates. Its amazing how a flavor changes a recipe around at various %.


Oops! fair cop, Guv. I was, umm, thinking maybe I shouldn’t scare the newbie off by rattling on about MF, just yet :flushed: Thought I could just kinda sneak the MF in with the cheaper version. * chuckle * Then , once she’s hooked…

Oh! and if she’d said she’s Americam, then I’d have said, “Oh! go to ECX and buy their dinky little bottles of MF instead…”

but she still hasn’t said where she’s living.

See ? There’s method in my madness.Hmm, or do I mean madness in my method? :S


Cinamon danish swirl is a great flavour just add a bit of custard away you go :call_me_hand:


Thanks I am working on it