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Help needed with the DIY vape juice making process


So I just started vaping about a month ago and decided to try to make my own. Epic fail!!! Being stubborn and thick headed I tried to make them without using a recipe. i know not the sharpest tool in the shed… Any way I like a cinnamon sugar cereal flavor and also butterscotch so far but i am open to trying recipes this time around. Any help orsuggestions would be greatly appreciated


Nothing wrong with being stubborn. Basically kind find a few reviewed recipes that you like, and then watch a few DIY tutorials… (if you can make mac and cheese from a box, you can make diy ejuice)

left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.


Cinnamon sugar cereal such as… what would a name brand be, because that could help narrow down flavors.


cinnaroo is the name of the one i bought and liked a bunch but really dont wan to keep spending money for something i can make myself cheaper


probably one of the better cinnamon toast crunch (cinnamon sugar cereal) vapes you’ll find, and minimal ingredients


thanks so much I will definetly try it. Also I have seen on some things it talks about shake and vape. Can youhelp me understand this concept?


I also heard that the sugary flavors will gunk up my coil quicker. Is that the case or is it a myth?


Shake and vape is a term used for, as soon as you make it, you shake it to mix it and then vape it right away. Some flavors are naturally harsh (like citrus punch or some vanilla/bakery note) which require a calming period called steeping… (almost like how you steep tea)
Steeping doesn’t add to the flavor THAT much, it’ll make a good vape great, but not a bad vape good.


Sweetners and some flavors like sugary flavors that are things called one shots…

Strawberry and Cream are a one shot of a strawberry and a cream, or Sweet Flakes (CAP), are a one shot of sweetner and cereal 27 (which is a corn flake basically)

Sweetners will gunk up like no other, (that’s why commercial juices gunk up so fast because they typically use 3-5% sweetener. Its the case, not a myth.


advice is, build your profile, ask questions in this forum until you get familiar with the site functions on the recipe side (two sides here on ELR, the forum side…which is where we are… and the recipe side)
the search bar on recipe side is like google, you’ll find all kinds of recipes, there are more site functions that assist with finding your goal, but I don’t wanna flood you with info. …baby steps :slight_smile:


Yes babysteps!
Thank you so much Dark Jester


Nothing wrong approaching it from the diy/yourself perspective. It is much easier though with friends. Welcome to elr.

Do you have your flavors saved to your stash on the resource side? If so, care to link it here? If not…what are some of the flavors you are working with?

Want to type a couple recipies here? Promise. We won’t judge, only give advice. We have all been there…the first juices can sometimes be alittle rough. But that’s how we learn. Practice does make perfect.

Example of a recipe…

Strawberry fa 2%
Strawberry ripe tpa 4%
Vanilla custard cap v2 4%
Cream fresh fa 0.25%
Graham cracker flv 0.59%


Hi @Cathy4 Welcome to ELR
you’ve gotten some great advice thus far ! I’d like to add that while your learning you could make small batches that are 5 mls this is helpful on waste and let’s face it we all have lots of test runs before we hit smooth sails… or at least I had a fair run of it the first month or two until I got really comfortable with the basic concepts.

If your making recipes already are you using the scale method or drops? I started out on drops ( literally counting drops ) then went to volume ( syringes ) and now am mixing by weight ( scale )

Reason I ask is that your method can have some varying results drop method is the least reliable and can lead to inconsistency in batches.

I know you’ve come to the right place ask away ! Feel free to share what your working on we call them WIPS - Work In Progress no judgement here !

some tips on the recipe side of the site http://e-liquid-recipes.com/resources

Also the search box to upper right of the screen is super useful if you type in Beginners there will be loads of info you can read ! http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/search?q=beginners%20


i think the people here have done a great job guiding you in the right direction , let me add something i didnt see ( i might of missed it ) i am a huge cereal fan and love Cinnamon Toast types it is was a hard profile to nail but one thing that helped me get there was Flavorah Cinnamon Crunch this flavor at 3 to 4 pct should satisfy you until you find a more complex mix that you enjoy… some single flavors are pretty good and can SnV ( they also get better in time as well )


For Cinnamon, I like:

I have adapted this recipe to my liking, Sometimes I adapt because I don’t have the flavor or think another one will work better with my tastes, there are many reasons.
Might like to also look through:


Not sure what butterscotch you have, but I can highly recommend FW butterscotch natural (not to be confused with FW butterscotch -it’s just baaaad and doesn’t hold a candle to natural!).

Also, you need to add what flavors you have to your stash (on the recipe side) if you haven’t already. Then make them public (and provide a link here) so folks might offer more detailed help (should you desire it).



I might have to try the natural myself

Here’s a recipe with the regular butterscotch

When I original made this recipe I looked at recomended single flavor % . And went with 20% … very much enjoyed it. Lowered it to 10% this last time I made it , I didn’t enjoy it as much as the 20%. . But that was an easy fix… add 10% more flavor…

Also I hear butterscotch ripple is a good one to try…

Maybe @SthrnMixer, @Cutlass92, @Pro_Vapes , @VapeyMama could Point you in the direction of a good butterscotch recipe


Mf butterscotch is really nice. At 1% its very present in mix and super smooth. I haven’t tried it with other butterscotches yet…I don’t think…:thinking: but I plan on doing some more butterscotch testing soon. I’ll let you know what happens, @Cathy4!


I think we scared Cathy away. Lol


Thank you so much. I just placed an order for more flavors for some recipes i found inteersting. Now cant wait for my order to arrive