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Help switching to DL


I started 4 years ago, and have only done MTL till just recently.

Because of this, I never really followed any newer DL tanks or ones to try.

Wondering if others might have some suggestions.
I have been staying with single coil, 22mm, RBA’s.
So far, I’m sitting at .50 ohm builds.
( since I have just about every type of Kayfun and Taifun,
I’m no stranger to coil building or wicking )

The DL RBA’s I have at the moment or ones I am waiting for are as followed:

My first was a couple of Kangertech Toptank Mini’s.

Then the GeekVape Ammit ( which I really like )

These I am waiting for:

Youde UD Goblin Mini V3
Smok TFV4 Mini Tank

Any suggestions?


@Spatchka You’ll probably get a LOT of opinions here, but, the only one that matters, is yours. :slight_smile:
I was in the same boat as you, started vaping dripping way back in the beginning. After a long while, got tired of being slaved to the drip drip drip, and carrying bottles all the time. Switched over to DL, stumbled across the Steam Crave lineup, and I’ve NOT looked back. Your tastes will vary from others, and mine. I’ve tried countless times to love love love RDA’s and although a few came close, I was going right back to the drip drip drip I had tried to get away from. I love my bigger tanked Steam Craves, and I have a lot of them. LOVE being able to quickly change the coils/cotton if I need to, but more importantly, fill the tank and vape all day. No leaking, great flavor, lasts all day, I just can’t see going another way. I have a lot of setups, including many RDA’s but the Steam Craves are my daily drivers. Let’s see what the folks say.


I have to agree with @SessionDrummer, Steam Crave Armomaizers are the only tanks I have gotten along with. I would suggest the Aromamizer Supreme. Super easy to build and very good flavor, for a tank. Sorry, had to throw that in there. I like to drip, drip, drip with my rdas.


@SessionDrummer and @NChris, Thanks for the Steam Crave heads-up.

I haven’t really given any thought to trying an RDTA.
The Aromamizer Supreme looks like something I’m going to try.

Knew if I asked here, I’d get some good help.


I don’t know why they label it as a RDTA. It’s a tank.


Well, read around, check the reviews, the videos, etc. Lot’s of info out there. You didn’t divulge your love/hate list, so make sure your priorities are met. For me, FLAVOR was driving the bus, followed closely by no leaking, and for my needs, no dripping i.e. bigger tank, set it and forget it. Then I moved down into the nit picking things like color, style, etc. I’ve bought a ton of RDA’s, RTA’s, and many others, and for me, if something didn’t have the flavor I needed, it got shelved or returned. If it had it, then I went from there. For you, flavor may not be as important, maybe other features are, so it’s up to you, and your priorities.

I’m a Steam Crave hoarder, so if you have ANY Steam Crave related questions (except for the Titan, it scares me), I can help out, @Mark_Turner, @NChris and others can help out too, and not to mention about 99.9% of the ELR members with countless other setups.