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Help - Tobacco Flavors - Havana Humble Line


I started vaping two months ago and my first two juices were from the Humble Havana line, specifically the Caramel Tobacco and Sweet Tobacco. I liked them very much and it has a special place in my heart for being my first vaping experience.

When I started doing DIY recipes, one of my goals was to get a similar tobacco experience. I could not find clones for the Humble Havana juices, and decided to order some tobacco flavors to try. I live in Brazil, and we don’t have very much options on flavors. The main company available here is TPA, so I ordered Black Honey, Cappuccino, Cubano Type, Ry4 and Ry4 Double. I tried most of them as single flavor, as well as mixing some of the recipes available with these flavors.

The problem is that I don’t like any of them. The Cappuccino and Black Honey were terrible, and every recipe I make with Ry4 and Ry4 Double have a strong scotch/whisky side note that I don’t like at all.

One thing I noticed is that the Sweet Tobacco and Caramel Tobacco have some sweetener in them, but even when I tried some well rated tobacco recipes with sweetener, I can’t get rid of the scotch/whisky harsh flavor.

Does anyone else tastes scotch/whisky with these flavors?
Does anyone have an idea on what tobacco flavor is used on Havana Juices? Or could point me on a direction to get a smoother tobacco flavor?

Appreciate any help you can give me!


Are u letting your recipes steep I make ry 4 double all the time I let it steep for 10 days also check your nicotine your using it should be clear and have no smell from it
Ry 4 double @ 8%


Yes. Steeped for 3+ weeks.

I don’t think the nic is the problem, since all my other recipes that don’t use tobacco flavors are fine.

Already tried Ry4 Double from 4 to 8%, and it only changes the magnitude of the problem.

I’ve got great feedback from another user suggesting that it is probably related to the presence of Cyclotene in these tobacco flavors. Guess my taste buds don’t go well with it. It is a shame, since I’ve found great pleasure from difference tobacco products throughout my life - cigarretes, cigars, narguiles.


For a long time I didn’t like RY4Double, it has a pungent, strong odor, it didn’t remind me of tobacco in any way, I never could pinpoint what the flavor was like. But recently I started using it again in various RY4 recipes…and I’ll be damned, now I really like it, I find I’m even craving it at times.
I’ve spent a lot of time lately looking up older RY4 recipes from years ago (I prefer stronger recipes so those suit me well). A common concentrate folks used was the RY4 Double, TFA Caramel Candy, that and a good vanilla like TFA French Vanilla quite often blunted the RY4D enough that you would get a hint of it and no more.
A very popular recipe a few years back was Rocketpuppy’s RY4, it was a really nice ry4 and not too strong.

You could certainly replace the FlavourArt concentrates with equivalent TFA flavors.


I think it was @Kalahariuk who had some technique (forget its name) to mix your favorite tobacco with PG, steep it, strain it, and use it as a flavor. Hope someone will come remind me of the process and procedure.


NET Naturally extracted tobacco


There is a whole category on here http://forum.e-liquid-recipes.com/c/e-liquids/net-creations-and-reviews


Oh and it is


Thanks! :slight_smile:
I don’t know if it will help on the OP because they seem to be wanting to clone a line of juice


Yea I thought that when it was first posted so I refrained, but in truth finding a true tobacco tasting commercial juice is like searching for the holy grail. NETS to me come close and are my favorite, but I still use some of the commercial flavorings that are good in their own right, mostly because I have them and I hate waste.


You don’t have to stop enjoying those tobaccos! :wink: You can make your own DIY tobacco concentrate from tobacco(s) you can find locally. Read up on the NET threads which @David5362 posted for you.

Making your own tobacco extracts is easy and fun. :sunglasses:


Is there a ban on importing food flavorings in Brazil? If not, check out this forum and the resources page to find some other vendors. A couple in the UK, chefsflavours and vapable have very good international shipping rates. In the US you have nicotineriver, liquidbarn and bullcityflavors among others.
I’m not a big tobacco vaper, but if I recall correctly, Hangsen and Inawera have a wide variety of tobaccos. Flavorah’s Red Burley is one that I usually mix with RY4’s.
The RY series are numbered to indicate the ratio of tobacco vs vanilla/caramel. RY1 is strongest tobacco flavor, the higher the number, the less dominant tobacco becomes.


There is not a ban on importing flavors, and probably importing myself is the best option.

There is although a weakly enforced ban on vaping products, so it is a black market of sorts. For commercial reasons, like the small market size, not many companies are available. TPA is by far the most available, followed by Capella, FW and sometimes Flavorah.


Cloning the Humble Havana line is a goal, since it is the only reference I have so far for a tobacco flavor that I enjoy, but the main goal is to have any tobacco recipe that suits me.


If you’d order food grade flavorings from a company called “chefsflavours” … I doubt they’re going to link that to vaping, even if some flavors would have a reference to tobacco. Ordering from companies like “nicotine river” or “vapable” would be much more a giveaway to customs.


Some feedback on this recommendation:

Adapted it by doubling the creams and caramel to try and mute the scotch note that I hate. So far I steeped for 3 days + some breathing - it’s great. I can still notice that scotch note but it’s very discrete and tolerable. Great recipe.