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Help with DIY Store


i see the picture a little clearer now … ive talked to a friend who owns a BnM vspe shop about having a small diy section…


wow, very nice, any advice?


I have been working with vape in Brazil for some time and therefore I have some knowledge, mainly in the production of e-liquids. I am taking a step forward to open a DIY sector in my store to please my customers, since many buy propylene and glycerin with me and ask for flavor and nicotine. I just want to meet basic needs for now, my focus is not DIY. I do not think it was a stupid question because I did not mention that I have $ 10,000 and asking for help with what to buy. I just wanted some help with quantity and diversity. Thank you for your help!


My advise, check your countries rules first, and follow compliance.
If there are not any worries, proceed to talk direct to the manufacture… not a forum board online.

I would offer full line of a manufacture first. If it goes well, add a second.

Surely you know how to run a business.

I do know of someone in Brazil looking for this same sort of help.
I wonder if you and him are the same person.

Then again, many people are in Brazil… so who knows?

Good luck.


I agree with @SmokyBlue , let me understand something though … you have a vape shop that sells commercial juices and mods /hardware etc like any old vape shop ??// but now you want to add a small DIY section and sell VG PG and some flaves RIGHT ??? iuf this is the case i think its a great idea and i would suggest calling brendon at FLAVORAH , this is something they would like to see happen in the future with all Vape shops , maybe they can help start you off with their top 50 flaves …


Too late! :rofl:


i didnt even see that … @VMancini i highly doubt that any vendor will ship to you since vaping is illegal in your country .


As long as it is only food flavors it wont really matter if vaping is illegal or not. Beside vaping there is a lot of rules to follow still. I am currently in same boat as VMancini and already in process of putting up same business, even though that selling vapeware and ejuice is also illegal here. But since it is food flavors that is multipurpose flavors that is not an issue, market it towards ejuice DIY is another story.

But also since it is food flavors there a lot of rules and compliance to follow. As an example for me, to be able to import in big batches, i need to FDA register the flavors. If i rebottle, the rebottled version has to be FDA registred as well, so each rebottled flavor has to be registred twice.

To be able to import for resell (food or medical related things) here, will require import license (which i suspect will be the same in most countries). To be able to rebottle here, i had to have proper facilities that comply to GMP standards and have set up a small clean room. That have been approved and got hands on a manufacturing certificate which allow me to rebottle.

As soon as you get into any food or medical related business, it easily become a bit complicated and you better make sure everything is in order. Currently i am awaiting to have flavor manufactures manufacturing/health certificate validated and as soon as that is done i can FDA register each flavor that i wish to import. This with FDA registering can and does variate from each country, but again i suspect that the process of doing so will be at least close to the same.

@VMancini i have some different informations that you might find useful that i am willing to share with you, so if you are interested then contact me with a private message.

I just woke up now, so need to kickstart my brain with some coffee, but i might return to this topic because i honestly didnt read through it yet, so i might have more to add.

Good luck with it @VMancini.


That’s messed up bud. :rage:!
(I get it… Product Tracking and all… But it’s still double dipping by the tax man.)


Both yes and no, at first i thought the same butwhen thinking things through i also understand why. One of the most obvious cases for where this makes 100% sense is when one would rebottle and rebrand. But also, here we get an FDA number that has to follow a few things, such as the manufacture, so when it is original, the number will be based a number that is given to Capella, but as soon as i rebottle that part of the FDA number will be related to the company that rebottles. But in general, as soon as you open a product and dont sell it as original, part of the responsibility for the product quality lies in the hand of the rebottler.

At least here the price to register a flavor is only around 6 usd, but if you want to try to start up without taking too big of a risk, that easily also become a big investment depending on the amount of flavors you want to launch with.

It does however become a bit more pricy carrying the rebottled flavors. But i can register both “versions” at the same time, so it wont really be more complicated or time consuming.

Edit: after your edit, yeah exactly!


At least they’re substantially more sensible…
I was fearing prices along the lines of the PMTA fees we have (you know… Put an arbitrary amount of zeros behind your $6 and all :crazy_face: ) :wink:


Yeah, those fees are just nuts. But due to these fees with when rebottling which end at 12 usd, i also have to take a step by step approach and slowly expand the selection available. At least these registred ones wont expire as many other things related to the whole process does, as an example, import licence expire every 3rd year and need to be renewed, here it is a one time fee. However, not sure yet what i should do if manufactures change the formula, i should probably renew that too, but that is a headache i have to look into later on :smiley:


@VMancini, this is a very interesting thread, and i wish you the best of luck with this

if i were you, i would do this differently - i would start simple and basic to gauge the market and the validity of the idea - i would start by re-selling few (50 is OK) already-bottled top flavors from top 3 or 4 vendors (TPA, FA, CAP) - set a “reasonable” local price that covers your cost plus some initial profits not to cannibalize your other activities - maybe choose your mix in a way that can offer a variety of price ranges that appeal to a broader set of consumers - leave re-bottling as a phase 2 thing.
i would do this just to see how the concept will pick up, while i monitor the customer reaction and my profitability.
after a test run (or test year), your records will show you how to adjust and optimize. for example, maybe you find you need to target a specific set of vapors - those who are ready to pay more to get the stuff that they need from your shot (vs having to deal with online shops and wait for shipments), or maybe you find that the broader consumer base who look for less expensive flavors are a better target - and follow the money from there. you already supply PG and VG which is great - but every start-up needs to define their “edge” first, and that edge needs to also match the local market appetite and find the right target segment to sustain that business idea and keep it profitable.

best of luck! please tell us how it’s going.


It’s a great idea and it has its foundation. I will certainly use it in my decision! I hope to start small and grow to buy gallons as you said! Thanks a lot for the help!


We’re probably two different people! Laws in Brazil do not yet allow the purchase and sale of e-liquid and vapes, but the flavors have several applications, and therefore are allowed. The idea of ​​focusing on just one brand at the beginning is good, I would go from TPA / TFA to the ease of revenue found on the internet and even ELR only with TPA flavors. Thank you!


As I said, vape and e-liquid is still ilegal in Brazil, but not the flavors. That´s why I want to go this way


Thank you very much for your willingness to help, it would be great to have some more information! In Brazil I also have this problem, vape and e-liquid are illegal, but the flavors are not. I’m already providing the sterile room and other equipment to be able to do the rebottle. Initially I thought of buying already in the bottles of 10ml to have no problem with rebottle, but I saw that the expenses are very high because of having to buy 12, 24 or maybe 48 bottles of 10ml of each flavor. I’m also behind the certificates so I think we’re in the same boat. All luck to you!


Surely this topic does not end here! If possible I will keep you updated always in order to help close users to also open their DIY sector. My initial idea was exactly this one, a selection of TPA, FW, FA and CAP that I found right here in the forum and that cites the 34 flavors most used to make the 100 top rated recipes of ELR. I made my list based on that and added a few others, based on the recipes I saw.

Do you think it would be more efficient to buy already in 10ml bottles to just resell and not have to spend / work with rebottle or pick up in 4oz / 16oz bottles and do the rebottle? By the bills I had made, the rebottle had a big advantage over that. But if you think I’m going to have 2400 10ml bottles initially, let’s just say it’s a big job. I will do some calculations and post here for the end of the day just to register and as I said help others who want to open their DIY. Thank you for your help!


The biggest problem I see in this is that in Brazil the vape is still starting, few people use Flavorah, Inawera, etc. Most opt ​​for the “most common” (TFA, CAP, FA). Another important issue is that in Brazil the mails are from the State, so it is very expensive to send products from one place to another, which makes it difficult for consumers to buy FLV and INW with me, TFA and FA in another store, etc. The very ideal would be to have a “premium selection” of the most used of these brands to get started.



You are, as I know my client and what goals he has. :wink:

You have a long road ahead of you. I would suggest buying as large of an amount as you can afford at first, before anything else. I will say you are what you mix/sell so you might want to think along those lines. You will need to calculate your prices vs labor and time, just as with any other business. What will make it more profitable for you, considering everything you are against.

I would take baby steps and see how your market turns out, but just some advise, buy as much as you can as it is cheaper the larger you purchase. Happy rebottling! :wink: