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Help with DIY Store


I’d go with option 1 or 2. When the buyers start requesting different flavors and brands, then go from there. Good luck!


Rebottling will be fun in the beginning hahahahha. I will follow this line of thinking, buy according to customers request. I’ll start slowly to feel the market and gradually increase, as you said.


I´m thinking to start as i said with TFA, CAP, FA and FW. Over time put a greater variety of flavors of these brands and come with new brands such as inawera and flavorah


Maybe I just don’t understand… You’ve said you already own a vape shop that sells hardware, and want to expand into flavor concentrates. You also say that vaping is illegal and you will not be calling it “vaping” supplies. First off, how are you selling vape gear but not calling it vape gear, and how are you getting away with this? Secondly, if selling vape related gear and supplies is illegal, then you are not only in violation of your country’s laws and taking quite a risk, but you’re also asking the community here to advise you on how to expand an already illegal situation.

I must be mistaken in my understanding here. What am I not comprehending properly? Is it not technically illegal, but simply underground or not yet popular? I don’t know how the government hasn’t already closed in on you, assuming you are in business illegally. I just think I don’t quite understand the situation.


Good afternoon Phil,

Brazil is a complicated country in many ways. It seems that here the State decides on the basis of the interest of the companies (in the case of cigarettes). At the moment, the vape is not regulated in Brazil, so use is allowed, but illegal trade. I do not currently work with hardware, I sell Cotton, Tools, some domestic brands and DIY coils. I do not risk “illegality” because I do not want to have problems with it. I’m asking your opinion / help with flavors, which are not illegal. I think it got a bit confusing, but I want to make it clear that I do not do anything illegal


OK, that helps. Well, maybe instead of just randomly picking X number of flavors to stock, how about you poll your customers to see what they want as a starting place, and expand from there?


Is a good idea! What I’m doing at the moment is to check the Brazilian DIY sites (we currently have 2) and make a spreadsheet with the flavors they have on the site. And based on this buy the top sellers and some that they do not have to make a difference


Wait a minute…if vaping is illegal in Brazil, then all of this talk about expanding your store is pointless! Unless I’m the one missing the point.


The fine print :smile:


OK, I need stronger coffee!


I’ll leave the post “open” for a few more days before making the final decision. Thank you from the heart to all who have volunteered to help in this important stage that I am going through. Would you like, after I made the purchase, to make a post to report how the DIY section of my store is going?



Why not see if the Gov. will give you money to start your own flavoring company down in Brazil. Hire a professional team to do it, buy the raw ingredients and cut out the middle man. Supply all of Brazil and then expand from there. Make some better flavors for the whole world. :nerd_face:

They all get the same stuff from companies like this. Real raw stuff, a few grams will probably make a whole 50 gallon drum of flavorings.



Interesting have a scroll through that list - no wonder I prefer DAPP to


Anyhoo rerail time



If your into flavor notes from manufacturers and whole sale raw distributors on that kinda stuff.

Here’s some very good sites to bookmark.




Ya thanks I have that already