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Help with my DIY


Made a blueberry doughnut today + blue berry and my cheese cake all capella with a FW graham cracker… And it either has no flavour or just tastes like ar*e… how long would you suggest to steep anything I can do to speed it up / cant really taste the blueberry…


Pretty awesome advice on here… :sunny:


What %'s did you use? If this is a fresh mix then you can’t expect it to be great straight away. Just my opinion but e-liquid requires proper steeping. That means NO shortcuts, shake & vape or any of that other bullshit. If you’re not willing to make it and wait then you are shortchanging yourself and the juice’s potential.


attach your recipes so people can look , just seeing the flavors doesnt help anyone .


I have a blueberrydonut recipe and from my expierence it does take a few days before the blueberry starts to come through… usually starts to shine around 5 days… I use blueberry extra TFA and blueberry jam cap



You used it with any sort of doughnut? What percentage it run



Uploaded it


I literally have blueberry jam doughnut and graham cracker


I’m still thinking of tweeking it a bit but the blueberry is definitely there after a few days steep


I don’t have all thoes concentrates? Does my %'s sound too high?


Iv uploaded screenshots


first of all the NY cheesecake imo is off the charts high percentage , id cut that in half at least , if you dont feel like thats a problem and want to run with this recipe steep is going to be needed a very long steep but i dont think it will help , id also cut that graham in half and add some sweet cream .5 to 1 pct do you have another blueberry to add ??? ive never used this blueberry


12% on that ny cheesecake is probably going to mute every other flavor in there. I’d keep that 1 much closer to the 2-3% range, imo


I agree completely with @fidalgo_vapes… I would also definitely recommend another blueberry… blueberry jam by itself doesn’t get the job done in my opinion


yes max ive used the NYC is 4pct i believe , if this is the flavor your talking about , but i use other cream type flaves to help it , sorry but had to grab baby lol , anyway if its the only cream type i think you could cut it to 6 and have some success


I’d agree w/ @fidalgo_vapes, keeping ny cheesecake much lower and adding another cream is exactly what I would do as well


LMAO, already added nicotine etc into a 60ml :joy::joy::joy: a d that’s the only blueberry I have as of now


If u have a larger bottle to put it in, u can rework the recipe and subtract what u have in there already and fix it