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Hemp Wick?


Just interested if anyone has used Flashwicks hemp wick, it’s hard to find any real review of any hemp wicks that are less than 3 yrs old. So if anyone has experience with hemp wicks and Flashwicks specifically I’d appreciate any insight or opinions. Otherwise if anyone is interested I’ll post what I find when I get my hands on it.


Hemp is a byproduct of the marijuana plant and marijuana is the DEVIL




I am curious where others get their Hemp, google…http://www.3fvape.com/wick-wire-mesh/11193-authentic-flashwicks-flash-wicks-for-rba-rda-rta-rebuildable-atomizer-black-hemp-fibers.html#.W0fEPNQrLn4
not a bad deal tho of course is the 30g weight including the tin? A few of us use http://www.hemptraders.com/product-p/f-sl1.htm 1kg which comes to ~50usd ship’d, hemp for lifetime or split up with your buds (no pun intended). G to u but we’d love to hear thoughts on that brand.


Here is a place u can buy hemp in different weights…from 1 kilo to a 1/4 kilo…there is also a vape reviewer doing a video on his finds of using hemp wicking…I tried some a while back…it was not for me since the break in was tuff for me…I have COPD…even cotton is tuff so I switched to rayon…dont let my experience shy you away…that only pertained to me an my condition…others that use it like it… here is a link if your interested in getting…i think the 1/4 kilo will last u a very long time for 12.95… https://www.hemptopia.com/grade-a-degummed-hemp-fiber/

good luck an enjoy…


@therabidweasel is the main authority on hemp wick around here. Hopefully he can chime in.


I havent tried any other brand than hemp traders the @worm1 linked above. Here are some threads Ive started over the years:

…and here is a short video at 160W. I run 200-250W these days.

Sorry I cant help with that brand. Good luck in your journey.


Much appreciated, I saw the feed with your pictures when I was looking a round before. So you’d say you got 3 to 4 weeks with your wick? What’s the nicotine content of your juice, and how would you say that your eliquid might burn in a cotton wick? I don’t vape above 3mg nic, usually stay 1.5 to 0


I get several MONTHS of life as Im currently documenting in the “watch my hemp build age” thread. Im confident that a given wick would outlive several coils.

What matters IME is not your nic (I vape 3.3mg carolina xtract). What matters is your coil, power, %VG, and the gunkiness of your flavorings. CDS, VC1, menthol…these types of flavors are known coil gunkers. Claptons die much sooner than smooth, spaced coils.

Cotton behaves differently. Firstly, it has a taste that never goes away. Once I tried hemp and rayon I could not un-taste cotton. It always tastes like sucking on a tee shirt to me. Cotton doesnt seem to wick fast enough for very high power…claptons help with this with the coil pulling double-duty as a wick. Thats not necessary with hemp. Fancy coils will kill your hemp build fast. Hemp also clears flavor infinitely better than cotton. You can switch menthol to custard to tobacco without changing wick. did an experiment where he got hemp to clear tuna juice. Finally if you look in the aging pictures youll see hemp doesnt re-absorb the gunk on the coil like cotton. The wick never gets terribly dark.

Hemp does have a longer break in flavor IF you fail to clean it as outlined in the tutorial, although I advise any wick be cleaned that way. I have never put cotton into a 200W build, but without claptons im sure youd be limited to a short hit. Rayon burns at that power level. Cotton began failing as a wick for me at any power above or near the max of what a single-cell mech can provide.

All that said, if I vape more the 65%VG no wick has been able to feed my 30mm attys at high power. Higher VG gets the coils crusty months faster than clean flavors and 35-40%PG.


I am just worried about using hemp wick because I need to pass drug tests at work


I’m going out on a limb here… guessing by the looks of your teeth you should probably be more worried about the meth… :grimacing::joy:


I never even thought to use hemp wixking. I’ll look further into this