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Hemp Wicking Tutorial


I use a cinnamon and a chocolate vape that both gunk coils fast


quick response, then i gotta get to workin…
the only flavor i have vaped is the honeydew melon, at 1%…i mixed bottles of all the rest of the flavors i have at 1%, but havent tried them yet…
so the caramel is a wee bit weak, huh? thats good to know…judging by the strength it is at, what you reckon i should bump that up to? so we have established that its weak…but what about the flavor itself? is it good for a caramel?
and then the honeydew: how is that for just 1%?
and also, i havent forgotten: i told you i plan on sending you one last bottle of flavor…and your input about the caramel will play a role in this…


So first things first, the honeydew was bitchin. Period. That stuff tastes like the fruit, Very impressed. .

Caramel, I would say for me is 3-4x too weak. But again, I ADV a strong caramel tobacco and have since I started vaping on commercial juice. Honestly, I can’t quite tell how good it is using my Bellus. I am going to drip it next, but need to rewick my stuff. My feeling, and I may not have been getting all the flavors, is that it might need some support to serve duty as a caramel (again my ADV. . .) for me. Now, up the flavor and maybe add some bourbon and butterscotch and I could see it giving flavors that no other caramel can. It could bring a lot of authenticity.

If you like caramel, tell me what %nic and I’ll mix you my boogie. It’s a clone, I did, but I get a lot of compliments in any case.

Hmm. . .not sure I like the sound of that last bit. Sounds like a trap.


JoJo, I am glad I scored a convert! At least there is one other than I! Haha, Uhhhm. Not sure if you noticed, but your description of, ehem,. . . wicking your dripper, . . .ehem. . .is a tiny bit, hmm. . .erotic?

I swear that in terms of nomenclature, vaping is the worst hobby ever invented. There isn’t anything related to this hobby that will sound close to normal to a civilian. You can’t just go out on the street and tell people you are wicking your dripper. You’d get tazed.


ROFL Not intentional, I swear. Now that I read through it, you’re right. I’m such a trollop. :laughing: It really is hard to discuss, especially with the uninformed, without sounding like a nympho.

Take priming puffs for instance…just suck really hard on it a couple of times without pushing the button to get the wick wet…really, how else are you supposed to say that and it sound like anything other than innuendo? What a fun hobby we have. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this look like the same product you use. They have it on sale for $2.



Yes, that is the same stuff. Not sure on the quantity though. I believe my bag measured 9g without the card.

Do you intend to try it?


I believe I will. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Please do, and thanks for the heads up. They even sell a CBD vape. I have some medical issues and may just have to check that out and pick up some more hemp too. Thanks again!


I’ve been trying to think of how to respond to this with words other than just a like. Without additional elaboration I will say trollop to nympho in one sentence is freaking hilarious.


The fact you took the time to recommend and painstakingly demonstrate the proper use of hemp is a gift. Thank you friend. Your contribution is very much appreciated!


Quick Update on Wick Softening:

I re-wicked my dripper late Xmas eve and proceeded to taste flavors until now using my 46&2 drop method. I’ve ran through about 50ml this way, not including the liquid I used to get rid of the hemp taste.

At this point, and I didn’t sleep Xmas eve, the fibers are starting to soften and become more manageable. My hunch is that one would need to soak for a good deal longer than 2 days in VG at room temperature. That said, when I do the experiment I am going to use 50/50 in the hopes that the PG will remove some of the flavor.

I really don’t want to focus too much on the flavor though, as I really don’t think it is that bad. Maybe if you are vaping unflavored juice it is a big deal, but if you are vaping ADV grade juice I think the flavor should be a non-issue for most. Still, I like solving problems.

A belated thank you to @SthrnMixer. I am trying to ad information where I can. You folks have upped my game a ton. I look back on how lame my juices were a year ago and just have to laugh. . .so thanks right back at you!


Ok, so I finally got a build on the goblin that I like for now. It is 7 wraps of 4x30g twisted Ti on a 2.5mm jig contact coils…my meter reads 0.05ohms and the DNA 0.08. The hemp is probably clogging a bit, even though I’ve cut it as short as possible such that it will still fit in the channels. I think a little trimming might improve it. However, as I vape it more it seems to be wicking better.


Here I wicked a freakshow mini dripper. I used max vg juice and it seems to soften the hemp more. BuildBuilding this tiny dripper is a lot like an RBA. In this case I’m 8 wraps of 24ga Ti spaced on a 2.5mm jig. Vapes like a monster. I really like the flavor of the tiny attys.


In a true moment of ironic FML the goblin build shorted immediately after I posted the above. I abondened the twisted 30ga and went 8 wraps spacedof 26ga on a 2.5mm jig. It vapes MUCH better.


I had originally built my aromamizer with 13 wraps of 26ga Ti, essentially a contact coil. However, the height of the coils and the sharp turns for the wick were a problem with hemp. The coils gummed quickly on juice that I can vape a month every day on a given build. I am still using the billow nano as wicked above.

I just rebuilt the aromamizer with 8 wraps of 26ga Ti in a dual vertical build.


One thing I also want to add in here is that the wicking performance increases slightly as the wick gets conditioned. I’ve got maybe 4 fills through that Aromamizer build and it is slightly improved. Same for the goblin. I haven’t noticed this in my dipper builds, but these last two tanks especially seem to benefit from a couple of days soaking. As always YMMV.


@therabidweasel, If you ever need some more hemp I’m sitting on about 3 kilos lol. I think I was one of the first distributors of this type of wick but my real work picked up and I had to abandon the project. Though looking now I feel like I would be generating a decent amount of cash. now that it’s winter things have slowed a bit, I might have to start selling wick again :wink:


Much thanks for the information.
Question about the gunking coils you mentioned, because of how your wick was it caused your coil to gunk up ?.. I’m curious about this one… Also curious to the builds/wicking, does anyone know anything on this? I still like my Clapton for flavors but haven’t tried TC with Ti… And the Clapton seems to cake up faster, but also holds a ton of juice which I figured was the cause…
Def be grabbing the hemp wick next ill drip 10mls and wash that flavor out… Did the wick you soaked help with washing the flavor out?.. I’m really all for hemp over everything. Much better material than cotton in general. If you guys have dogs than you know a wet collar can spell disaster. A hemp collar doesn’t react like that. I feel like this would mean you can leave a hemp wick in far longer than a cotton one.


I am interested.