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Hemp Wicking Tutorial


Ha I second that one!.. At the rate lasts it seems like this would be even higher priced, 15 not bad at all of that bags gonna last 10x as long as some cotton does… I’ve paid like 50c a sheet for jap organic, and don’t even care for it over some cotton bacon…


You saw the link to a bag of what I use, not certain of size, for $2? But, yes. The longevity halfway used…will stay indefinitely and give you another half life after sitting 6 weeks in a vape bag. I don’t think I ever re-wicked my TFV4. That’s from October and still blowing clouds. I’m just saying this is a very superior fiber. Like a bunch of mini straws. Great on a non-TC rig. I am a huge fan.

I mean I will use cotton, but it p@%$$+$ me off when I rewick it. I will hold a grudge again’ a cotton wick, you know?


My wick arrived today. 6ft for the $2 package. I’m gonna soak some now.

If anyone decides to use the vendor,be aware they only offer USPS Priority for shipping. This made the total $7 and change. Then the seller did not send it USPS Priority, just standard mail. They did apologize for the error and offered to send me another package for free. Good customer service means a lot to me.


Awesome info bro. I never got around to buying any, but now that I know I’ll have to compare. Any chance you could weigh yours in the bag? I am virtually certain mine was 9 grams.

Be sure and report back in here. I think there is at least one other convert lurking in the wings.


18.42g in the bag

14.52 out the bag


Thanks. That doesn’t look far off from what I paid $15 for, maybe just a touch less. I put a review on amazon with all the specs and pctures, but it was apparently never approved.


FYI, my Bellus as wicked above was filled at least once daily for 16 days. I now need to recoil and rewick. I believe this is just my using more VG these days, I’m vaping the same ADVS that went twice as long, same build and tank but more PG. Anyway, that should give you a realistic ides of how long a build will last. I think the twisted wire hurt longevity too.


Just cut mine back to 70/30, cold weather was too much for the max even 80/20, if it still gets too thick ill run some 60/40 when I have to be in the cold weather


Nice tutorial! and perfect timing man. I almost feel you wrote this for me since I was just thinking of trying that hemp you sent me. Fortunately… I have some of @DarthVapor’s Vanilla Oak left. I bet that will taste phenomenal on a nice woodsy wick. I will toss a few ml in a bottle for you and send some of that too. I will tear into a couple tanks tomorrow after I get back from the post office to send your FA flavors and the juice on its way.


I wicked a new RDA tonight, Mutation Indulgence XS. Love it, air from underneath and on the sides of the coil! 3mm ID 28/32 kanthal clapton and it’s going on a noisy cricket so it’s got to wick perfectly. And it does.

Anyway, I kinda forgot to wash the wire or my hands after I had wicked and everything…I was too excited by a massive vapemail. Anyway, I washed the whole thing in vodka and I cannot taste the hemp at all. Granted I might as well be inhaling Nice Beaver through a straw, but I do think the vodka helped. The new juice is great after a 6 week steep!



I forgot to say that IF the “hemp” flavor really washed away easily in vodka, I believe the origin might actually be “batching oil” which is lubricant the use to do various things to fibers.

I’m not convinced that the strong flavor of Nice Beaver through this awesome setup isn’t just swamping the “hemp” flavor though. This RDA blows a Plume Veil so far out of the water, it’s crazy. You can turn it into the most wide open airflow atty I’ve ever sucked on. My only complaint is its two hits and a reload for me.

The name of my new juice was supposed to be the opposite of a rabid weasel. . .and a childish double entendre that makes me giggle. Don’t judge. :wink:


I just built two more attys. The hemp break-in flavor is drastically reduced by rinsing in vodka!

I built a couple of attys with Cotton Bacon V2 and vape them for a week or so. I can taste the cotton all the time. It’s pretty disgusting to me. But, the bacon did seem better at wicking than my old organic cotton. Hemp is rockin my new Cthulu V2, I can’t put it down. It has great versions of all the modern features, and it’s how old? Really nice atty. WAY better than a Crius IMO. Still haven unwrapped my Griffin though.


I forgot to come and tell you I put the Hemp in my Alliance V2 atop my Tugboat DNA 200. I can’t say for sure it is the hemp causing what is happening. Or if my Strawberry Banana Custard just steeped to perfection. Or if it’s the fact that I am just now starting to get the hang of wicking, coil building, and making some delicious juice all at the same time. But I was in heaven tonight vaping on the Flawless Tugboat DNA 200 with the Hemp in my Alliance V2. It was the best vape I have ever had. I am thinking the Hemp is helping out a lot with that. The flavor off this stuff is amazing.


Try rewicking with Cotton to see if you notice. I could easily tell my Attys that had cotton bacon V2 in them by taste, even having immediately forgotten what I wicked with it. Glad you are finding it compliments your setup, if nothing else!


I’m trying to find some in Europe - What do I search for? I keep getting hemp cord, yarn and wicks (for burning)…


There is a bunch on ebay. I vaped a few of my other juices on the hemp and the flavor of all of them seemed more pronounced. It was a real game changer. Then my tugboat fizzeled out on me. So I am dying to get it back and do some more flavor testing on it.


So I finally tried hemp soaked in pure VG for a few days. I used VG because I also use it as a pre-shave oil to soften my beard. Anyhow, what a friggin’ mess! I did have success drying the wick back out by pressing it in a clean rag. Initially it seemed just as stiff, but I get the Bellus back together in recorder time. On the next fill, the wick was as supple as cotton. That said, I am not sure it was worth the extensive extra mess…my hands, clothes, tank, and ohm meter got slimed.

I have now used several wicking materials, rayon, and hemp. Once broken in the best flavor goes as:
all other cottons -> kendo gold -> rayon -> hemp.

I have to say that for about 3 tanks, rayon is THE BOMB but the flavor rolls off to be well under that of hemp, which stays very consistent and lasts forever. 6 weeks of daily use -ish at 2 tanks a day is a rough idea. Rayon works about that long too, but flavor becomes progressively muted.

Finally, I can get another few weeks by throwing my decks in a glass of cheap vodka and running them hot in the USC for awhile. Obviously, if you are vaping known coil gunkers, you’ll need to replace the wick. I vape mostly fruits and teas and use 40%PG, so my coils rarely gunk at all.

All, this is just my opinion, it doesn’t invalidate someone elses. I hope it’s helpful info.


Here is a pic of the Mutation xs RDA I built in February, still going strong. The wick just touches the bottom of the deck. I actually count it as 9 wraps, 3mm ID, 4x30ga twisted Ti.


I was just re-reading this. Geez, I have felt this way about hemp wick forever now. I know that my super ghetto Clapton disgrace up ^^^^^ there doesn’t lend me much authority, but if you have not tried hemp by now, I think you owe it to yourselves to change that.


I didn’t even know wicking with Hemp was a thing !
I shall have to get me some !