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Hemp Wicking Tutorial


I’d buy some if you decide to go that way, I’m always up for a new experiment.


I’d like to buy some too…


PM me your address and send $5 to cover shipping and I’ll send it out on Saturday.


Then enjoy!


Thumbs up here. Thanks to @therabidweasel I got a double fistful of wick. Cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol and rinsed with water. Just used it for a single coil build in my Vandy Vape Pulse 22. No sweat wicking my Vertebraid 6 wrap .4Ω coil. A little bit of taste for the first half dozen hits… Seems to be working great!


Johnny AppleWeed :wink:


Dude … really?
I thought I was getting a little sample :open_mouth:

It will take me a loooooong time to turn this into wicks! Thanks man! :smiley:


@HAL9000 How exactly did you clean it, just soak it (how long?) and rinse out?


Seriously all, I recommend ethanol (vodka, everclear) not isopropyl. Either way rinse in hot water after.

As above I USC 30min in 50C hot vodka then rinse in hot water.


Isopropyl can have embittering agents to keep kids from drinking it …it’s for rubbing, not vaping :wink: Everclear you can just allow to air dry in a well ventilated area away from sparks (ignition sources). Well ventilated because alcohol vapor is highly explosive at concetrated levels …and away from flame as that’s how explosive vapors explode …read the News, don’t be the News.

…of course, this sounds safer and tested

Water rInsing after makes scientific sense as the alcohol dissolves the oily stuff and a rinse would help complete the removal of any water-based stuff and any remnants of dissolved oily stuff.


Thanks for the tips guys.

I was just looking at isopropyl because

  • I use it for all my equipment relatively often and with a good rinse, I’ve never had any issue
  • it’s dirt cheap
  • it’s a lot stronger that vodka, not to mention a hell of a lot cheaper. I’d rather consume my vodka in a good Long Island Iced Tea :wink:
  • I always have this stuff at home. I’d have to go out of my way to buy an Everclear alternative.
  • i think I read somewhere that hemp doesn’t really soak up liquids in the fibers itself, so it should be an easy rinse. I’ll use an USC in any case.
  • HAL9000 seems to have used it without a problem.

Since I’m treating this a bit as a test or a review for myself, I’ll do both and will let you know how it turns out.


hmn, i used a plastic cover on my USC for the isopropyl version. The fumes melted the plastic which was dripping on the hemp… good thing it was only a small piece as a test. Guess I’ll be doing the vodka version only for now :slightly_frowning_face:


Seriously dude, I strongly advise against isopropyl in a strong way, with pretty on top. I sent you two eternities of hemp :grin: shell out the 3.54usd the half-gallon of vodka costs. Im not talking grey goose, man.

Make a brother feel better?


Yeah, you’re probably right… we don’t have any everclear though and I wouldn’t know where to get those alternatives. What do I look for, just ethanol or grain alcohol?


Everclear is pure grain alcohol. I cant buy it here in au either so I get my mate to make ethanol for me in his still.


Cheap vodka works great and was originally intended to go in a human. You can use nothing, the step is just part of the OCD @SthrnMixer got me on after kindly reminding folks to wash their hands before building. . .I hadn’t even been cleaning wire for years before. If you wet burn with juice it’s a good compromise.


Since my previous experiences with break-in flavors, I prefer to minimize it to the max :slight_smile:


So I did my first build on a Griffin … cleaned it with vodka… put some VG in it to see if it wasn’t going to leak but since it was wicking pretty slow I added some RY4 juice (70/30) with it. Maybe it has to break in for a while but the wick is still getting a bit dry from time to time (the hemp flavor comes through if I start chain vaping). Otherwise, I don’t notice any hemp flavor at all and even though my juice is 50% diluted with pure VG, the flavor is all there.
Putting a wick on the Griffin is already a bitch :scream: and the hemp isn’t making it much easier… but it’s not that bad, I expected worse. I have to say, I worked with a dry wick and only read afterwards that it’s easier to wet it with some juice :roll_eyes: doh!

I currently have a SS316L, 26g, 9 wrap dual coil @ 0.33ohm and I’m vaping at around 40W.

I’ll try another wick in my TFV8 and see how it goes there. Probably a bit of a learning curve but with this for my first build, I think I’m going to like this hemp :boom::dash:


Has anyone had experience with ElfWick? Evidently it has already been cleaned and/or degummed. Would that alleviate the need for a vodka bath, perhaps? It looks like you just wick it, prime the pump a few times and go. I just got into the rta and rda realm and im already looking for an alternative to cotton, but this thread makes it seem like hemp is a lot of extra work.


I have not tried hemp, but I will say different strokes for different folks. That being said I feel cotton leaves a lot to be desired, from the off flavor to the low burn temp. I would definitely recommend trying both hemp and rayon, I love rayon but still need to try hemp to exclude it from my possible wicking material. Shoot me a pm if you want me to hook you up with some rayon, and I believe the @therabidweasel will send you some hemp if you pay shipping.