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Hemp Wicking Tutorial


looks similar to me. I am not sure what if anything extra they do to the hemp. The supply @therabidweasel was using for samples was from a bulk textile type distr. but was degummed as well. That does look like a good source for most since it is sold in smaller volumes and odds are they get it from the same wholesale distr.


What is a lot of work to you?
When you’re talking about “cotton”, there’s a difference between wicking with Cotton Bacon v2 or organic cotton pads. CB is just pull off a bit, roll between your fingers and stuff it in the coil. Organic cotton needs to be cut first, then remove the skins, roll between your fingers and stuff it in the coil.

Hemp is more like CBv2. Just take a bit and stuff it in the coil (and you can really stuff it). But just like with any cotton, rayon etc, it comes a bit with a learning curve and the first time you do it, it will take some more time.

Cotton has a break-in time, hemp has a break-in time. If you don’t like it, with cotton you’re screwed. If you don’t like it with hemp, you can pre-wash it in vodka or any grain alcohol.

Cotton needs to be rewicked much more often than hemp. (I can’t vouch for this yet, but all the hemp users in this thread can). So really, why would you think hemp requires more time or effort than cotton? :slight_smile:


As far as I can tell from reviews, Elf wick should be the about same but since it’s branded, you’re going to lose all savings. Elf has an earthy taste initially as well, so if you want to get rid of it, soak it in grain alcohol as well, rinse out and let it dry.


I suppose saying “a lot of extra work” was a bit hyperbolic. I was just hoping that, being prewashed and degummed, it would take the alcohol step out of the hemp equation. I’ve recently switched from Cleito and Arctic tanks where I’d just screw in a new coil and go, so I’m already doing “a lot” more work than I’m accustomed to, just using rebuildables. I guess a one-time alcohol bath/rinse/dry for a large quantity of hemp wouldn’t be too painful, after all.


If i wasnt sitting on enuff hemp for quite some time, id use the elfwick. It does says its cleaned and the cost is worth it $6 for 4.5g and free ship’n compare to bacon v2 $5 for 10g plus ship’n. You get longer life out of the hemp and can be rinsed & reused when u clean your coil as shown in this thread.


Nice to know. Thanks for the further info. I’ll be ordering sone soon just to see how it goes.


And since u are new to rbas all together it be easy to forget how to use cotton and master hemp! GL to you!


Whoa! Thanks, @therabidweasel :smiley: That’s a lot of hemp!

Now I just need some time to pull my sh*t together and do some wicking! :smiley:


So, I’m probably gonna have some people all up in a tizzy, but I didn’t pretreat the hemp. :open_mouth: I just wicked my Boreas with it, put in some of @therabidweasel’s Pearvana cuz it’s already slightly woody, and vaped. So far, so good. About 2/3 of a tanks worth of an extra bit of earthy vibe, then back to normal.

This stuff is a little softer and whiter than the stuff from before if I’m remembering correctly. It’s also a little more “flavorful.” The stuff before was pretty much flavorless after an ml or so. The hemp will probably outlast my coils so that bag is going to last me the rest of my life. LOL

Thanks Tavi. :heart:


So she said, " The hell with those pansy asses wasting this good booze on a wick." as she swigs Everclear. “Cram that in there and let’s hit that shit!”


Neither did I, I just wicked exactly like I would cotton. The “hemp taste” was gone after a dozen drags and that was the end of it. Juice does seem a bit more flavorful and you can pack more wick into a coil than you can with cotton. It doesn’t seem to dry hit even if you use a lot of hemp but on TC I don’t expect to dry hit much anyway.


Ok, I’m on Hemp Traders and about to order 100% Hemp De-gummed fiber. Hoping this is correct?


hahaha well that’s half the reason why I didn’t pretreat. Unlike some people I know who go ridiculously overboard. :wink: No vodka in the house and I didn’t feel like waiting until I could get some. And I’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:



Awesome to see people are having positive experiences.

As I say elsewhere, the break in flavor is there, but not a big deal. Im not sure the vodka is necessary, it’s just something I can do easily. I believe a good rinse in hot water is probably more than adequate for most people.

Vodka USC and hot water and you will definitely have no break in flavor.


I started using hemp with a mag. switched copper mech and 25R4s…I noticed immediately that it held up to heat way better than cotton and blew it away on flavor.

With TC, it just stops making vape. I don’t even get a flavor change.


I got a fat sack in the mail from @therabidweasel

Thank brother!


What do you mean? Isn’t it good for TC, or am I misunderstading you? :slight_smile:


I mean when you run out of juice. I apologize. I remember every post in this thread and assume everyone else does too sometimes. No dude, it works great on a mech, so its killer on TC.

Your wick will work great for an entire month or you can return the unused portion for a full refund. Haha. Mechs are super-hard on wicks, which is how I found hemp. TC being gentle, hemp rules.


#girthmail :laughing: