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Hemp Wicking Tutorial


Well I’ve got some hemp! Thanks to the man that seams to have started this at least in part, @therabidweasel, now I need to figure this out. I seem to remember to kind of prep making the hemp softer and have less of a flavor.


There are various methods that I use, including using straight from the bag, but here are the methods from best to definitely adequate, I do these the the built and wicked atomizer…be sure to wash your hands and clean your wire no matter what wick you use:

  1. Hot (50C) USC in vodka or grain alcohol 30 min, rinse in hot tap water, pulse dryish

  2. Shake in small bottle of room temp vodka from 10s to whenever, rinse in hot tap water, pulse dryish

  3. Rinse in hot tap water (or boil then rinse) pulse dryish

  4. Juice and fire for however long you want

  5. Build and vape, flavor clears in 2-5ml

The more you fire the build, the softer it becomes. Wicking performance and flavor typically improve for about 2 days.

Again, I recommend smooth wire and spaced coils as fancy coils A) aren’t needed because this wick works so well and B) hemp will outlast any wire, including smooth.


Thanks brother, waiting on a wire shipment for your stuff.


Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead. I saw mention of hemp wicking in another thread and I honestly didn’t know it was a thing. I did a quick Google search to see if I could source some and it brought me here lol. Thanks for all the info! I’m definitely going to be trying some after healing from holiday shopping lol. Has anyone tried any other brands than the ones discussed here that are closer in price to cotton?


Threads don’t die here, no worries. I’m extremely busy this month, but I’ll try to send samples promptly on Saturdays if you PM me and agree to my conditions above. I am just a guy that loves this wick, no more. I still have a ton. It’s far cheaper than cotton and when you consider longevity.



some hemp and bamboo arrived. To clean it, i put it in vodka, usc @ 50°C for about half a hour, then hot water, then dry it. Is that right?

Is there any experience with bamboo?

over & out


No experience with bamboo. That will be worthy of a new thread!

I “clean” builds one at a time so I just pulse them dryish and start vaping.


Hi all,

I notice when my builds get old the flavor starts to take on a charcoal flavor. Cleaning the coil and rinsing the wick in hot water will keep a build OK, but its time to rebuild this modfather. It was originally built in early or mid October 2017 and has been used daily since.

The build is 8.5 wraps 22ga Ti on a 4mm ID. It ohms out to ~0.40Ohms cold and gets hit with a 3S LiPo and a NLPWM board in a Whiterose custom mod. This is a 300W ramp and ~180W vape. As you can see in the pic, the spaced coils are getting pretty crusty, but the wick is fine. I may reuse it.


Pretty crusty. Lol. Looks like death. I think I see a tiny bit of wire exposed.


Yeah…those are pretty filthy coils. Maybe 2 months too far by my normal standards but Im here so thought Id document. impressed by the wick.


@therabidweasel, kinda late to the game here as usual, Dang this place is big, still exploring!!
but that wick looks great for the time and amount of juice went through it, so where, how, can I get
some ?
I remember reading about this hemp when I was active at ECF back 2012, but i was still trying to
learn my way with cotton balls, than organic cotton balls from wallmart, than the flat japanese cotton.


Post #134 above is a direct link.