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Hey Everyone!


Hey everyone! Im alive still. Miss yall! How is everyone doing? Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving and been good. Whatd i miss?


Lol. You missed a lot. I poured some vg pg nic and flavor in a bottle and bamo I vaped it. I called walla’la’ding’dong. Hahahah. Kidding. Missed you too welcome back.

How’s it? Last time you were on you were moving, looking for work, etc.


Welcome back :grinning:


Living in New Hampshire now/still
I had found work, but that has since went to hell again
🤷 was justing thinking about helping my gf here quit smoking soon so wanted to show her my recipes and stuff and figured id drop by and catch up :slight_smile: i told my gf id make her whatever flavor she is craving and it would be better than anything shes had before from shops :stuck_out_tongue: i might not have been so active on here but im still very confident in my mixing abilities, thanks to this wonderful forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back @mikelej14 and good job ^^^^^.


Hey man, nice to see you. What’s going on?