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Hiding Previously Public Recipes, Timeline Issue


Hi all, I recenttly unpublished a bunch of my old recipes that I thought were good as a super-newb and realized now, that I’m a slightly more experienced newb, that they are just junk and thus cluttering up the joint.
The problem I’m having is that when I made them private, the system moved them up to the current date and time, shoving my more recent recipes to page 2 or 3. So a bad recipe from June has a December time-stamp.
Is there any way to correct this, other than deleting them? I’d like to keep them so I can remember my mistakes and know what month I made the mistakes in my experience time-line. A way to judge my progress, and such. @daath? Any tips?


Ah. There isn’t much you can do yourself right now. I have fixed it now for future saves, but if you want to change the dates of the ones that has changed, you have to get me to update the timestamps :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks. Maybe I’ll just try to leave a note and deal with it. You have enough work to do already. Thanks for the fix for future saves, im sureI’ll look back in another 6 months and want to hide all of my current supposed hits!


Much appreciated Lars!

@Plunderdrum Thanks for bringing the issue to attention so he could fix it!


Just a suggestion, you could create a folder and move those recipes that you don’t want cluttering up. That’s how I have my stuff arranged. “DEAD” is the folder I moved my so-so recipes into.


That’s the money, right there! I haven’t dabbled with folders yet. That is perfect! Thanks!


Cool. Glad to help. :+1:


Exactly what i was going to suggested, i just recently started doing this. This whole folder thing is fantastic… Much more useful than i thought it would be.


Absolutely. Makes organizing so much quicker.