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High end dual battery mods


Hello all,

So far I have gone through a few monds that have only lasted a few months each

Tesla Ecigs3 - 3 months
Smok Alien - 3 months
IPV8 - 2 months

On the tesla the charge port broke, and on the other 2 they just stopped working for no apparent reason.

I’m on the market for a mod that is better quality than my previous ones and can run at least 150watts. No real need for Temp control, but it can be an added bonus. Not really interested in a squonking mod either. Just a high end dual battery mod to run in wattage mode…

I figure the total cost of those 3 mods would have covered one really nice mod that I would hope to still be alive and kicking today.


Whiterose is the best check this out Whiterose Custom Mod Thread!


I’ve had great performance out of both YiHi and Lost Vape. The only issue I have had is with the Lost Vape Triade DNA250. It suffered from paint pealing. I consider this a defect in manufacture as it was treated with care. I personally don’t care a lot as I see the aesthetic of that mod as utilitarian. Bare metal fits fine.


WoW :astonished:

I’ve never had an issue with my mod (besides some designer flaws) and every mod is still working. What kind of environment are you using them in? Dust? Water? Dropping them all the time?
Maybe you should get an AEGIS? Those things are bloody hard to break but sadly they’re only 100W


By the way, no chance on any warranty?


they arent high end but the smoant line like the charon and battlestar


I’ve had good luck with LV Therion, Smoant Charon, and TV Exus Ark. I know several people who have Smoant Battlestar & love it. My Therion is over a year old and zero issues. Have not had the others near as long, but zero issues with any of them either.


I got a lot out of a 60$ wismec reuleaux, really put it through the grindhouse. One day i was getting groceries out of the trunk of my car and i put the mod down on the inner sill of the trunk and forgot about it. I slammed the trunk full power, directly onto the wismec. The batteries and battery door went flying. Luckily nothing exploded, lol. I vaped on that wismec for about a year after the trunk incident.

Never really had a high ender, just wanted to share that story, heh. I only got a couple months out of a cartel 160 and after ONE drop, the battery door was loose. I took it apart and tightened everything. Needed to buy a special hex torx kit just to get the right size bit, bastards, a clue as to the size would have saved me time and money. Btw, i believe the size was T4, or possibly T5. Anyhow, all for naught. I had to hold the mod in a very stupid looking way that kind of hurt my hand, just to keep the batteries engaged, or it would shut off every few seconds. It was enraging, ill never buy from revenant again.

Sorry i couldnt recommend a good one but at least its info shared and gave me a chance to vent, thanks!


Can’t go wrong with a whiterose mod. Send him a PM. You will be so glad you did and then wonder why you didn’t for so long


One word … WhiteRose


I’ve had good luck with Aspire equipment. I bought their new Speeder dual battery mod a couple of weeks ago, and it seems really solid. It’s available for $50 from some US vendors or $42 from various Chinese sellers if you don’t mind waiting two or three weeks for delivery.


I’ve been reading a lot of good things about the Squid Industries Double Barrel 2.1. It’s a dual battery device that tops out at 150 watts. Pretty small, and has a single button for changing wattage and firing. Designed and built by veterans in the good ol’ USA.

That being said, I’m currently saving up for a Whiterose mod. I’m about done with temp control. I’ve been using DNA devices for over a year now, and lately I’ve been switching back to plain old Power Mode instead of TC. I just find myself having to fiddle with things a bit more when using TC, and I just want to slap a build in my RTA and vape without having to tinker/rebuild/troubleshoot. Then again, it’s probably time I did a firmware update to my DNA devices…


Why necessarily High end?
I really like my Smoant Battlestar,
For three months of use, I did not find any bugs.
Very conveniently lies in the hand.


Congrats you second post of 383 that was not in a competition thread - welcome to the actual forum.


:thinking: not sure if sarcasm or not. Either way I’m glad you approve.

Edit: did not realize you were replying to someone else. Carry on. :+1:


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ll have to sit down with my laptop and do a little research on all of these.


Check out the Mad Modder’s shit.

Custom Lipo DNA mods…

Pricy, but look like the business!



That pearl fish finish on the Paranormal is calling my name. It wants to be mine!!! :smiley:


The crown jewel @ under $200. A rare find…