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Hohm Wrecker G2


Yes, with magnets had the same issue. Also happened on my mini tab.

Loctite 480 is your friend. It’s designed for metal/metal including magnets.


Before use - shake very well
During use - use a tiny amount ( don’t get on fingers and then on mod, if you do fine grade steel wool 000 will remove without scratching too much)
After use - store in your fridge

Loctite 480 essential for all vapers with magnets on mods. It’s awesome stuff.


Yes. Tremendous board. Shitty case and shittier customer service. I’m done with them.


Just sold my Dodger Blue G2 to my bud. Gave him a great deal. He really wanted one, but with what I’ve been reading lately, I couldn’t recommend it. It was my most gently used one with no scratches or fading. Spend the night before chain vaping on it as a way to say goodbye. Oh lord, what have I done?!?!


I agree. Wish I could find a replacement case for the board. I’d swap it out in a heartbeat.


That’s why I still own mine. At some point I’ll stumble on the perfect enclosure. It could be a hunk of granite or piece of driftwood, something unusual for sure, but I will one day have this thing reconfigured.



Thats a pretty cool box to use with the g2 board. Maybe some better buttons is all it needs


If anyone wants to upgrade their old G1 to a G2, www.thecloudyvapor.com has the G2 FSK board (with or w/o soldered wires) for $57.00. Use code “welcome15” and it drops to $48.45. Free shipping. You will have to drill out your G1 cover plate for the usb port as the original G1 did not come with a usb. The board is an easy swap-out and takes a few minutes.

Edit: Go to the Modders Corner tab.


Yes, I am wondering if I might want to hire @Whiterose0818 to build me a box for one of my FSK boards…


If he did, he’d have a couple of years worth of orders :grinning:


I’m surprised you guys are only thinking of that now. I had that idea months ago but couldn’t afford it lol


I read that the board will fit into the alpinetech 1590b box but I don’t have the template or the skills to cut out the display screen opening. I’d end up with Frankenmod LOL


this goes out to @Fozzy71 @Lostmarbles @DrChud and any one else about the HW FSK board going into another enclosure.
the thing that concerns me is a usable board holder. Has anyone taken a G2 apart? Is there a board holder in there that wouild work in a different enclosure? Only board holder Ive been able to find is for the Hohm Slice board and i think thats different, isnt it? Lets get this out in the open and figure it out.


I got the one posted above with the bad magnets (and 3 working spares) so I will try to tear it down in a day or two and let you all know what I find.


you find a board and a board holder, post some pix and i’ll give it a look


I remember awhile back reading that someone made the board holders with a 3d printer. I’ll see if I can hunt it down. I think there was an additional link to a place that would print it for you.


I found the old G1 board which I’m pretty sure is the same as the G2 minus the usb. Will need a pair of standoffs of some kind. If it helps, I brought out the calipers and the board measures 90.1mm L x 18,66mm H.

I have ordered another G2 board so I’ll measure that one when it arrives, just to be sure.


@Whiterose0818 looks like it is slid into a milled slot:

The mod I posted above looks like he mounted some sort of notched or slotted mount at the top and the bottom with those 4 screws in the front of the mod.


The FSK board above in the red box is from a HOHM Slice


The G2 board is the exact same size as the G1 board. Everything but the chip and usb port are the same.