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Hohm Wrecker G2


Well I thought maybe some of you just had a bad experience with vaporcube customer service and it was rare, but now I sit waiting for a reply from them with no luck. Its only been 2 days mind you but i have a feeling they’re going to ignore me lol. I ordered a second G2. I found a coupon that took $130 off the limited edition black G2 and I jumped on it! I ended up getting the LE version for less money than the regular one. The black with silver inlays is the one I really wanted, besides the red with silver. When it finally came in the mail I opened the box to see…a regular black version with no silver :frowning:
I immediately took photos of it and emailed vaporcube. Basically I told them that I didnt even want to bitch cause I bought it so cheap, but really wanted to know if I did in fact get a limited edition…No reply.
Do you guys think I should be upset about this? I mean, I did get a screaming deal and honestly can live with it, but I feel I should’ve got what I ordered. Anywho! If anyone wantz to use this badass coupon and get a wrecker for cheap here it is! Use “WRECKER130OFF” and it will take 130 off the price. I think its only for the most expensive models but I’m not positive.


I think someone mentioned that the limited edition that code is for isn’t a G2, it may have been @TheTinMan1


This is what I posted on another thread

Watch that one. I don’t think it’s the G2 version. The G2 fires down to 0.007 ohms and the one you posted is 0.05 ohms. Not a huge issue but I think someone said that that particular version is not firmware upgradable. I could be wrong about the upgrade but the ohms part is in the description.

Open the battery door to the one you sent and see if it has an upgrade port.


Man i think you’re right. I could’ve swore on my life that it said Limited Edition G2. Heres a pic of my ticket. It doesnt say G2 anywhere and it says 151W. Im so sad now…


That’s the one, I thought it was you but I couldn’t remember where I seen it lol


Also, the boxes side by side with my other G2 are identical in every way, but my red one does 171w. The ticket i got with the red one says “g2” on it but it also says 151w device. Im confused now and still no reply from VC


The reviews on that mod go back as far as August 2015, was the G2 out then?.


Probably not…very observant of you sir. Either way, the photo pictured a black and silver mod. This one’s all black. Maybe they sent me a g2 on accident? If so I’ll just shut up and go on happily!


If you did get a G2 out of them for that price I’d say nothing more about it lol


If it has a port under the battery cover you may be able to upgrade it if it’s a G2 to 171w. I have the G2 I guess but I haven’t upgraded it since I got it.


What you have there is the G1, so to speak


That hasn’t been established yet. Try to keep up.


I haven’t taken it out of the wrapper yet. I was waiting on a reply from vc first but my curiosity is sparked. I might just go ahead and see. Like you @TheTinMan1 I never upgraded my first g2. It was ready right out out the box. I can click the +/- with the mode button and go through the menu to see the chip info. It says G2 version 2.5.5. Ill do that with the mod in question to see whats up for sure.


They did not reply to me from many enquiries for 2 orders same with @woftam for 1.

Hohmtech will respond I believe, at least they can only help you confirm the device type I’d think.


Tonight on investigative discoveries with SignMan: Was the solid black mod a g2 or original? Well, i carefully removed it from the wrapper, removed the battery door and bam…no charge port…no updates. Just for the hell of it I put in 2 batteries and powered on. The screen has blue text instead of white. It does not have all the advanced menus of the g2 either. I guess now I’ll have to wait and see if vaporcube writes back. I do not see this as being a $180 mod. For $50 its pretty darn good though so im not totally pissed. Not many mods fire at .05


you can swap out the internals for a g2 if you really really wanted to i think you can buy them all for about $50 but I would not bother unless it was essential to you.

You will be an old man before Vaporcube reply - they simply ignore all emails from all people.


i got fast, but not satisfactory, replies from VC about the battery door wobble on my g2’s… and part of the reason why I won’t order any more


Well this is pretty sucky:

One of the magnets came off the cover and is stuck on the mod, which makes for a huge door gap issue:


Well damn that sucks! If you can get the magnet off of there you could take some 2 part epoxy and dab a tiny bit inside the hole whete the magnet goes and reset it. You can get epoxy at walmart or lowes


Mark the the magnet with a black sharpie before taking it off. You don’t want to put the magnet back in the hole in the wrong direction.