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Hohm Wrecker G2


I agree that would be an awesome package and I would give them another try!


I want a FSK Squonk mod 171W like a Dripbox 160 but 171 it would have to be 1 inch taller

But it would kick ass


That would be awesome , I had no issues with the T/C while using the FSK board.


Wow after all you have been through I’m glad you like the G2 and finally got it all worked out :+1:


I’m afraid I had issues with my G2 pretty much straight out of the box, it kept shutting down all the time, then it bricked after 2 weeks, Vapor Cube have been pretty cool although I had to spend on shipping back to the states and return shipping to the UK but I got an email 2 days ago saying a replacement was on the way, when it was working however it was awesome, I agree that if they put this chip and board in something more ergonomic it will decimate every mass produced mod out there, love the colour, hate the shape.


Thanks man. Yes, so far it’s as awesome as advertised.

I strongly disagree with this policy from Hohm Tech and told them so in my email today. I think it sucks they don’t stand behind their product enough to cover shipping if it doesn’t even last a month. I for one will promote this device as long as it woks as it does today. But at the same time I won’t endorse their policy of burdening their customers with shipping when they failed to get it right the first time. Boooooooo!!! Bad business.


yeah I was pretty fuming I have to be honest, it took them nearly a month to answer my emails when it started playing up, it was only when I put ‘Urgent’ in the email subject that they answered. But then I had to go through the whole paying to prove my age AND return shipping. I didn’t have the original receipt either and although they stress that you also need to pay to bypass the receipt I didn’t. I just printed off the original order email and sent that, they’re sending it anyway.


I am sure the problem I have as far as ergonomics is the thickness.I don’t have that issue with other box mods but they are a 1/4" or 6mm thicker and that seems to make all the difference as far as my discomfort.
I think we should all do as @SthrnMixer and let these companies know when we find small things that could be fixed easily.I am the worlds worst about corresponding with these companies.


Well damn the luck brother. It was the Noisy Cricket 2, now the G2. Are you just not living right? :laughing:


LMAO…at least I didn’t pay for the cricket, and it still works for a day when I fancy it…actually, I’m gonna try it now…it’s here somewhere…
yep…working great haha…


Yeah, we all should I think. After all it does no good to get info from the general public, but for seasoned vapers, well that’s real life info. I do this with the smaller companies - like Steam Crave and now Hohm Tech. I won’t hold back on the gripes over having to pay shipping either. They should send the customer a pre-paid shipping label, plain and simple.


Don’t worry about poor ole @Pugs1970 , I think he blew most of his good luck when he won all those contests. Give karma a chance to get back settled in and he will be due yet another winning stretch!


you know it’s been a while haha…however…since the Steampugs site has kicked off so unbelievably I have quite the collection now lol…


I believe it , that is how it is supposed to work.You have earned that success , you worked your ass off making that happen.You have provided a great service to us all and have found a way to make your site pay you back! Well done sir!:grinning:


I think I will e-mail Hohmtech this Thread just to let them know what we think and what they need to do for Customer Service :+1:


That would be a great idea , I would love to see them interact with us and it should help everyone!


haha thanks man :wink: means a lot, you only get out of it what you put into it…and I’m certainly putting into it :cold_sweat: lol, really nice when your hard work is appreciated though has to be said :wink: :thumbsup:


Done I sent the link :+1:


I think this is a major mistake from the offset, it’s just so thin, I mean it’ll fire down to silly ohms so you should have the option of putting a chunky RDA on there, A temple would overhang like me in leggings…


you aint gettin rid of that image for a while @Underanne ;)…