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Hohm Wrecker G2



I can send you a picture if you’d rather…:kissing_heart:


You’ve got that right… :laughing: Picture perfect…



Nothing can beat fierce men in tights


I love all of my G2’s but the biggest problem I have is that it is too narrow. I am constantly knocking this thing over. Good thing I’m only allowed to be in a padded room otherwise I might go crazy.


I am not too sure about that…:innocent:


Ah, well…


In the Griffin, 22ga SS twisted, 6.5 wraps on a 2.5mm jig, 0.07 ohms, 75 watts, 420F, 13.5% curve.

Never had flavor like this off the Griffin. This is my first SS build on it though. Not sure whether to go up on the curve. Vape is warm but not overly.


ding ding ding


I have not been getting notifications, sorry for the late reply. Anthony did do a nice job on that video.

Here is a thread to help people new to the FSK chip get started:

Once you get familiar with it the FSK chip is one of the best on the market. I love my Finder DNA167 and Triade DNA250 but the G2 and Slice are more versatile and once you get the hang of it easier to use over DNA mods IMO.

The one thing I like the best is I have a lot of tanks and can’t always remember if there is a Kanthal, Nichrome, SS316, 430 or 304 in it. With the FSK mods I can just put in into xXx (Any wire) mode and adjust the FSK % till I get the vape I want, all on the mod, no need to connect to a computer.


When you posted this I had already sent the link to them. I chose to keep that to myself for the time being and see what happened. They didn’t respond to me about that invite or address my concern about their warranty shipping policy. Did they answer you?


There customer service at this moment s a pile of dog shit to say the least.

Whilst I love the mod and the fsk chip is in fact killer. I think they have skimped on their customer service budget.

I have written an email every day for the last 8 days to vaporcube without even a reply as I was sent a mod with no thread. Not a word.

I wrote to Hohmtech out of courtesy to alert them that there may be g2’s with no thread.

Hohmtech replied with you pay to send it back fill in the warranty section da da da I’m in Australia mind you, will cost a fair penny to send back. I said um no. I think it best you send me a working mod and organise a return paid for the existing. They said here’s how you can dismantle mod and install a better connector, lucky me. I said I didn’t feel confident in doing that. Didn’t have a connector or appropriate glue either. The rep then ignored me till a new rep answered next day with. That’s all we got. So I replied saying I’ll wait to speak to vaporcube (owned by Hohmtech basically) the retailer.

So I’ve not heard one word from them. Luckily today I realised I paid by PayPal so I’ll put in a dispute with them if they they don’t reply by the end of this week.

Totally annoyed, I don’t feel it’s a warranty issue. I think I was sent a box, not a mod. So the goods don’t match the description.

Anyways, I absolutely love the g2 that does have a 510 connector with thread. I would buy others in the future, amazing mod. Yes the form factor is not perfect, but for what it is. A box mod it is a great box mod, the TC is off the wall. I’ll just have to find a different retailer. Hohmtech awesome product terrible QC & customer service.


Yes, do reach out to PayPal. From what I understand they WILL get a response. And it’s sad it would come to that. But as much as I love this mod…well I won’t rant again. Let us know what the outcome is.

Oh and get this. Before I realized my email was just being blatantly ignored I ordered $100 worth of their batteries. I hope they’re happy losing customers because that’s the last dime of mine they get till they fix their CS issues. :rage:


I just checked my e-mail and No I have not received a response


I’ve heard horror stories about their customer service, from being downright rude to arrogance to not even bothering to respond. If that was a Chinese company they would be absolutely slaughtered.


FtYeah it’s sad. I so desperately want them to succeed. I’ve also cc’d benjamin@hohmtech.com into my daily e-mails hoping that it goes to Ben Ramalho the director at Hohmtech. It doesn’t bounce back and my other guesses at his address did. I’d hate to think he is also getting my emails and nothing is happening., but I can’t be confident of their destination.

My belief with PayPal is I can state the product did not arrive as described. So I should have a fairly strong case. As I side interesting article on buyer protection https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/online-shopping/buying-online/articles/paypal-buyer-protection

I will give vaporcube a week to reply PayPal gives you some time to make your claim. Hopefully email today stating I’m looking to seek a dispute resolution will prompt some action.

Hohmtech in conjunction with this policy have made the following decisions to skimp on quality control and customer service. It’s fine to skimp on 1 but not both. If you miss the odd mod here and there you can fix your mistakes with good service. Or alternatively your Quality is so good you don’t need to rely on service often because of that.

However, making the decision to skimp on both is of the utmost greediness, but worse such an disaster in foresight. The equation is as such we as a company elect to save money on quality and service, the cost of doing so we will then not pick up we will make the customers pay to resolve those issues at no extra cost to the business. So they have chosen to save money in those areas and the results are for the customers to pick up the difference. However, in the long run it will be Hohmtech that suffers irrefutable damage to its brand.

My wish is for some other company to start utilising the same ept tech so I have a choice. Mind you I do expect if we want great quality, service and mods all together we will never be able to pay only $65 USD for them. I think the only way we can have them that cheap,is that a few outliers will suffer the consequences.

But alas, I will buy from them again. I,just can’t deny myself such a good product for those prices (I won’t pay full) call me a sadist. Ecig.com have them for. $75 buy from them.


I had cause to dispute a paypal purchase once with cigabuy. I was able to provide photographic evidence of the problem and proof of an email they sent back to me that wouldn’t address the problem. Paypal reviewed this and I was refunded in about 3 days. They didn’t fuck about.


So I emailed Hohm Tech and addressed my concerns with their shipping policy for warranty items. The following is the total sum of their response/explanation -

Hohm Tech does not have a prepaid return program at consumer level unfortunately.

No shit. They simply repeated my complaint back to me. The following few sentences was just fluff about what a great and innovative company they are. Whatever. Then they addressed international warrantys -

As for international consumers, it is a bummer any event happens that incurs an inconvenience, but item must be returned to retailer like a domestic purchaser would need to.

So @Volition looks like you need to activate the PayPal bitch policy.

Guys, most of you know me. I don’t pull many punches when it comes to business. Maybe being a business owner myself has made me this way, I don’t know. But the simple truth is Hohm Tech is not abiding by good business practices when it comes to making their customers whole after selling them a junk item. What they’re essentially saying is we got our profits when you purchased the mod and we’re keeping it, all of it, no matter if you get a shit device or not.

As much as I love this mod I won’t sit idly by and not broadcast this out to as many as will listen. Now I don’t do social media but if you do and you want to rattle that cage, here’s that info -

This time I didn’t jump with a knee-jerk reaction. I’ve dealt with this situation since Dec 26 and made 100% sure this company was indeed behaving unfairly. And for that reason I say - don’t put money in their pockets. If you want a Hohm Wrecker or other Hohm Tech mod, buy locally where there is a return policy that doesn’t cause you extra expense. The mod is great and I want more, but I refuse to do business with these clowns until they get their shit together.


Well my replacement turned up yesterday, works great but im still down twenty somethin dollars for return postage plus the $25 customs charge i got the first time round, luckily that didn’t happen again…strangely?..all in all I’ve pretty much paid double for a half price mod…